Bid by man accused of directing New IRA activities to be released from custody fails

Gary Hayden, 50, was denied bail Thursday on charges related to mass surveillance targeting dissident Republican groups.

Gary Hayden, 50, was denied bail Thursday on charges related to a mass surveillance campaign targeting dissident Republican groups.

Defense attorneys allege that Hayden, who lives in Tilconnell Street, Londonderry, spent more than two years in prison.

However, Lady Siobhan Keegan, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, dismissed the application, citing delays in litigation.

“I am not happy that there is a significant change in the situation,” she said.

Hayden is one of 10 people to be indicted as part of Operation Albacia, a joint police and MI5 investigation.

The suspect was arrested after secretly recorded meetings in Omagh, County Tyrone from February to July 2020.

Prosecutors claim attendees discussed the IRA’s membership and its constitution, military and recruitment strategies, weapons, interactions with other illegal organizations, and planned attacks.

Hayden is charged with directing IRA activities, belonging to a banned group, and preparing terrorist acts.

He sought his release along with Sharon Jordan, 47, co-defendant of Dungannon’s Kappa Road.

A lawyer for the royal family argued that recorded discussions showed that attendees were “obsessed with violence” for political ends.

Bail applications were centered around the time expected to complete ongoing affirmative proceedings aimed at establishing whether all 10 defendants should be brought to trial.

The court heard that seven MI5 witnesses and 15 Scotland-based inspectors were due to testify.

Hayden’s agent, Eilis McDermott KC, claimed those proceedings were “stuck” due to a series of legal issues.

Citing the 28 months her client spent on remand, the attorney added:

A security deposit of £15,000 collected by Hayden’s family was provided to allay concerns.

However, denying his offer of release, Dame Siobhan ruled:

Meanwhile, the Secretary’s wife agreed to a request from Jordan’s legal team to postpone the bail application.

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