BJP gears up to act against leaders over ‘anti-party’ activities : The Tribune India

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Prativa Chauhan

Shimla, December 17

The BJP is preparing to launch action against leaders who contributed to the candidate’s defeat in parliamentary elections.

The party has asked all 68 BJP Mandals to produce parliamentary poll reports by 31 December. , Naina Devi MLA, and her BJP chief her spokesperson for the state.

The BJP can take action against anyone who opposes an official candidate while remaining within the party. Leaders who competed with official candidates as independents have already been expelled. The party’s voting bank was hit hard by the rebels who ran for election as independent candidates from 21 seats.

BJP candidate Pawan Kajal for the Kangra Sadar seat switched sides from parliament to win the polls and complained to President JP Nadda that some party leaders were allegedly working against him. Other candidates in Kangra and Solang districts have made similar complaints.

Besides the written complaint, audio clippings of a telephone conversation between Jogin Der Nagar in Mandy and BJP leaders in Dalhousie in Chamba have surfaced. The authenticity of these audio recordings has yet to be confirmed, but it is clear that senior BJP leaders asked party officials to challenge the official candidates.

The BJP held two meetings in Shimla and Pawanu to get feedback from the candidates before counting the votes. However, after the poll results were released, the BJP has yet to take action against those accused of anti-party activities.

The result of the Bundestag vote was only 37,000 votes (0.9%) more than the BJP indicated, indicating that the BJP would have re-established the government had the rebels not challenged its candidate. is shown. A 15-seat margin with a margin of just 0.9%.

Congress won three of the five seats won by less than 500 votes. Shillai (Sirmaur) — while two (Bilaspur and Naina Devi) went to his BJP.

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