BJP leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa condemns anti-India activities by pro Khalistani in Australia

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa on Sunday condemned anti-India activism by pro-Kalistani in Australia. In a video posted by Sirsa, a pro-Australian Haristani group was seen attacking unarmed Indians carrying Indian flags at Federation His Square in Melbourne, Australia.

“I strongly condemn the anti-Indian activities of Australia’s pro-Haristani. The anti-social elements that seek to disrupt the peace and harmony of the country in these activities must be strongly dealt with and the perpetrators brought to the books. No,” he tweeted. Sirsa.

In the viral video, Haristani supporters were seen attacking Indian supporters in broad daylight. An Indian group was seen fleeing the scene while Kalistani’s group continued to attack them. One individual was seen tearing up an Indian flag and throwing it to the floor.

Sarah L Gates, director of Hindu Human Rights Australasia, shared on Twitter a video of a group of Haristan supporters chasing an Indian youth holding an Indian flag. Haristan mob sharing footage of approaching and beating a lone Indian youth with a tilanga near Federation Square during the Haristan referendum.I hope @AusFedPolice doesn’t turn a blind eye,” he tweeted. bottom.

One of them was seen charging at the mob with a sword. Australian Hindu media tweeted: “A Kalistani thug armed with a sword who attacked an Indian with a tilanga was arrested by police today at a Haristani event at Federation Square in Melbourne.” .

Australia Today previously reported that an Indian-Australian man had informed Victorian police that he was planning a protest at Melbourne’s Federation Square in response to the country’s growing pro-Kalistan activism. Meanwhile, Australian Hindu media reported that the sword-wielding Haristani had been arrested by police in Federation Square.

Australian Hindu Media tweeted: “A sword-armed Haristani thug who attacked an Indian with a tilanga was arrested by police today at a Haristani event at Federation Square in Melbourne.” bottom. Condemning the attack, Victoria Police said two people had now been arrested following the violent attack. The two arrested are in their 30s and are being disciplined for “rioting”.

The attack came days after a Hindu temple in Melbourne was set ablaze in a targeted attack. Three men drove a blue Volkswagen Golf to an e-commerce center at Meriton Place in Clayton South around 10 p.m. on January 26, police said.

Two of the group broke through the front door of a Future Fulfillment warehouse, spraying the interior with accelerant, while a third criminal sprayed the exterior with fuel and ignited the flames. (Ani)

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