Boracay regulates sandcastle activities to protect environment

The regulation aims to prevent further deterioration of Boracay’s coastline, which was closed for six months in 2018 for environmental remediation.

BORACAY, PHILIPPINES – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has approved a new policy for the Malay Local Government Unit to regulate the popular sandcastle construction trade on the beaches of the world-famous resort island.

Murray Mayor Florival Bautista told Rapper on Wednesday, Dec. 28, that DENR Region 6 director Livino Durán said on Dec. 13 that “a 25+5 beach easement and a piece of forest land will be used for conservation purposes. It has confirmed the authority of the municipality to impose regulations on the building of sand castles within the department.

The town of Malay in Ibajayi province manages Boracay, the country’s premier tourist destination.

Bautista said Durand emphasized the need to prevent further deterioration of Boracay’s coastline, which was closed for six months in 2018 for environmental remediation.

Boracay’s intricate sand castles are very popular with tourists, who pay a fee for a souvenir photo.

Clear at the end of the day. Boracay’s new rules governing construction of SandCastles stipulate that the construction area must be cleared and returned to its original condition after the allotted period of time.Jun Aguirre

The mayor said the LGU and DENR have agreed on the following rules:

  • Sandcastle builders must obtain a permit from the Malayan LGU.
  • Minors should not be allowed to engage in sandcastle building during their school years.
  • Sandcastle builders must be registered with the Boracay Sandcastle Makers Association or other duly recognized group for proper identification and training.
  • Sandcastle makers must wear proper identification and uniform at all times.
  • Sandcastle buildings must be confined to officially designated areas on the beachfront.
  • Sandcastles must not exceed the 5m area limit and 1.524m height.
  • No chemicals, cements, or binders to improve sandcastle stability shall be used, except seawater.
  • Sand should not be removed or moved from one place to another to build a sandcastle.
  • Kerosene gas lamps, candles and other decorations/coloring that may contaminate the sand are prohibited.
  • Sandcastle building is only permitted from 10am to 4pm.
  • The area where the Sandcastle was built must be removed and restored to its original state after the allotted period.
  • SandCastle buildings outside designated areas during special occasions require a permit from the Malay LGU.

“Boracay has always been fragile. Ecosystems on any island are fragile. So even when the island’s reconstruction begins, all safety protocols in place should be maintained. for,” Duran said. –

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