Bored over break? There are plenty of fun and free, kid-friendly activities in La Crosse County

La Crosse County, Wisconsin (WKBT) – Kids are almost half way through winter break. If your child is already complaining about being bored, News 8 Now wants to help. Here are some of our favorite fun and free local activities.


Go hiking in La Crosse’s Rickson Forest. According to its website, the city maintains 10 trails during the winter. You can hike from less than 0.5 miles to 3.5 miles depending on which trail you choose.

ice skate

If you prefer to skate, enjoy free ice skating at La Crosse’s Riverside Park. The Chad Erickson Memorial Ice Rink is now open. Free skate rental until December 30th. Click here for hours.
You can also skate in Copeland Park, but you must bring your own skates.


If you like to sit, take a sleigh ride! The sled hill at the Onalaska Omni Center is a popular spot. Plenty of free parking. You must bring your own sled.
If you don’t have a sled, visit the Little Free Sled Library in Forest Hills. and Myrick and Ruth Park.


If your family prefers to stay indoors, head to the La Crosse Public Library. Reading books, making arts and crafts, pretend play at a mock veterinary clinic, and much more. The library also has board games and video games.

And it’s always warm inside. “You can come in and hang out. I have something for you,” says Linda Jerome.

Kids and adults alike can browse the internet and watch movies.

If your child keeps complaining… can always give them a chore list.

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