Cafes in Kolkata double up as platforms for multifarious creative activities

Kolkata’s cafés are no longer just places to sip coffee and savor sandwiches while conversing. Most of these also serve as platforms for hosting musical shows, workshops, stand-up his comedies, book launches, and debates.

Some cafes in town have set up bookshelves flaunting titles ranging from fiction to non-fiction for patrons to peruse or read at length over a hot cup of coffee. . Some feature short and feature films and special screenings of sporting events.

One of the owners of Kolkata 32, new but popular cafe Rangan Chakraborty, in the south of the city, opened his shop when actor, director and lyricist Anjan Dutta recently published his book and released some of his popular numbers. said the atmosphere at the show had become “electric”.

“We also hosted a discussion session on theater led by director Suman Mukhopadhyay, his brother and actor Sujan Mukhopadhyay, and their actor-director friend Kaushik Sen,” he told PTI. Told.

“We plan to have another enclosure in the cafe soon for a music program where young talent can host gigs from time to time,” he added.

Located in the Lake Gardens area of ​​South Kolkata, 4 Coins Cafe has regular events on weekends and draws quite a bit of traffic.

“We organize live performances with acoustic instruments. Apart from that, our café also hosts regular poetry recitals, storytelling sessions and stand-up comedy shows,” says one of the owners. Kamalika Ghosh Banik said:

“For some performances, tickets are also on sale, which mainly covers food prices. Initiatives like this are aimed at supporting young musicians financially. , most of the shows are open to anyone visiting the cafe,” she said.

The Irish Brewery Café near Lake Road hosted a Western classical music program from November 10-12, and according to its proprietress, the response was overwhelming.

“Unlike restaurants, people spend more time in cafesThey don’t consider live music a break. Rather, they enjoy the overall atmosphere even more,” says Sujata Sinha.

Another popular joint, Cafe Ohana, recently hosted a screening of the Bengali film Juto: The Journey, produced by an independent director, with no restrictions on viewing.

A spokesperson for Cafe Ohana said, “I think food and art go well together.

Ghosh of 4Coins Cafe explained that customers will definitely come back to the place if the restaurant offers a fun atmosphere and good food.

“The café is not just a place for food and drink. she added.

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