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The newly elected members of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) of Illikira District 10, Velha, Western Province, requested the Western Provincial Government (WPG) to support its activities related to women, youth and children issues: I urge you to consider allocating a significant amount of funds to your budget. .

Freedom Tozaka recommended this in his contribution when discussing the budget in the western provincial capital of Gizo on Friday.

The budget was passed at the state legislature’s first session.

A total supplementary budget of $38,997,300.50 for 2022/2023 was agreed by both sides of the House.

This amount will allow us to provide services for the next two months until March this year.

He said under the revised budget, not much was allocated for activities that would help promote jobs for the state’s youth.

The state will allocate 2 million to build a new youth center in Gizo.

Tosaka said the need to support youth and women’s activities should be included in the next budget as there are more young people in rural communities.

The former senior government official, who entered politics following local elections in December, said he would like to see an appropriate allocation for youth programs in the next budget to be discussed in parliament in March.

Meanwhile, the central government is supporting the construction of new youth centers in the western provinces.

A total of $3 million was allocated by the central government and given to the Western Province to begin construction work.

Work on the $5 million complex will begin soon after the budget is passed on Friday.

After a bid has been placed and a successful bidder has been identified, construction will begin.

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