Cambodia: Activities in full swing to mark 44th anniversary of January 7 Victory Day | World

Performance celebrating the event in Cambodia (Photo: VNA)

Phnom Penh (VNA) – There have been countless activities in Cambodia over the past few days 44th anniversary of victory on genocide day (January 7, 1979 to 2023).

At a large conference attended by more than 2,000 people on January 7, Prime Minister Hun Sen, who is also chairman of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), said that this year’s victory celebrations Cambodia After the reconstruction, many new achievements were achieved in all fields, COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease) crisis.

The country is confidently treading the path of peace, democracy and development, and is enhancing its reputation on the international stage, he added.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said the country will forever remember the courage of the soldiers of the Kampuchea United Front to save the nation and the heroic Vietnamese volunteers who fought to overthrow the genocidal regime and save the Cambodian nation. I asserted that I was.

On this day, many institutions and departments of provinces and cities across the country also held celebration events. In addition, many groups of Cambodians organized commemorative activities in their own way through gatherings, conferences and parties.

On the social network Facebook, many Cambodian users have updated their new avatars in recent days highlighting their victory congratulatory messages.


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