Finding The Perfect Multiplayer Match

When I started playing Black Ops 4, I already had hundreds of hours of competitive multiplayer experience with Destiny 2. Playing another shooter would be an easier adjustment than someone who had never played these types of games before. When I joined my first multiplayer, I was surprised to see that I was matched with people who have reached the max level within the game. It didn’t seem fair, I had none of the weapons that other players had, but somehow I was supposed to hold my own against them. To my surprise, it wasn’t a complete slaughter. I was able to and still compete as I climb the ranks. What frustrates me isn’t the meta, but the pairing of teams.

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My First Experience With Black Ops 4

A moment of honesty – I think the most time I’ve spent playing any Call of Duty is about ten minutes. I never felt I was the target market, I really wasn’t bro enough to play the game. And I didn’t have the urge to be called ‘nigger,’ ‘nigga,’ or any variation by some stranger while playing. So I let the game run its course without me ever joining along. That changed over the weekend when I purchased Black Ops 4 on Black Friday. I wanted another shooter outside of Destiny, and I wanted something I could play on Xbox. So what was it like playing the latest Call of Duty?

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We Ran Out Of Medals

About a month ago I decided to take the crucible seriously.  Instead of jumping in random games and running around like a damn fool I decided to actually play more deliberately.  This match was recorded during my chase for Ace of Spades.  In pursuing a certain number of Arc kills to complete part of the quest I ended up getting the ‘We Ran Out of Medals’ achievement.  Sometimes you have to slow down and pick your shots carefully.  It’s not the most exciting way to play but it does the job.