Persona 5 – The Cost of Death

This weekend I continued my quest in Kamoshida’s castle. Doing my best to sneak through the castle, I have to wonder if the physical attacks will ever be worth a damn. Thus far it seems like the game wants you to lean on using each character’s personas to attack enemies, yet the issue with that is that those attacks cost SP. In most RPGs, you can balance between physical and magic attacks. While magic attacks are usually stronger of the two, you should typically be able to get by with physical attacks. I decided to try this ‘physical attacks’ only tactic in a battle. Read More

Gaming Journal – Persona 5 (1hr)

Instead of writing a review, I decided to keep a journal of my thoughts while playing the game.  It’ s more honest and raw thoughts and something I can update often. If you like be sure to subscribe to the site to keep updated on new posts.

I don’t know how I feel about the game’s transitions between animation and gameplay. On a positive, the game is definitely from a  Japanese studio – from the choice of music to the way cutscenes the dialogue boxes are designed.  It has that old-school JRPG feel that I like. What’s interesting is that I haven’t done much regarding actually playing the game. I’ve cleaned my room, visited the new school, watched a bunch of cutscenes, but that’s it. I’m left wondering if I would be better served just watching the anime on Crunchyroll. Read More