Sword and Sworcery EP Review (iOS)



Video games have always had trouble standing the test of time. While some games are regarded as classics, able to be enjoyed no matter the era–most games fall victim to the ever evolving standard that we as gamers hold the games we love. From graphics to mechanics, the game we thought was the best thing since sliced bread five years ago is now a moldy abomination that must be tossed to the side for the new slice of bread. Now with the next generation of consoles finally in their stride and a mature mobile market it’s time we ask ourselves a simple question. Will mobile games fall victim to the test of time, or will their emphasis on quick gaming moments save them? I decided to test this theory with Sword and Sworcery EP.  Does it stand the test of time? Let’s find out. Sword and Sworcery EP Review (iOS)

Steven Universe: Attack The Light Review

Not every genre in video games is easy to pick up and play.  Take JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Game), a genre that hasn’t seen much exposure as of late but dominated the console wars of the 90s.  In fact, some of the greatest video games ever made were JRPGs (check lists for Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy I – IV. I bet they’re in the top 10). But JRPGs weren’t for everyone. Complex character development and combat systems kept most people at bay. And even those who were able to understand the systems might have found themselves leaving the game for something with a faster pace and more action. The role-playing genre traded fast-pace action for character development and story. It was like reading a novel compared to watching an action movie with other genres like the classic beat ‘em up.  Fast forward to today and the roleplaying genre finds itself in the shadow of more popular games like Call of Duty and Fallout.  So where does that leave the gamer who wants to learn more about RPGs? One only has to look towards the App Store for Steven Universe: Attack The Light. Steven Universe: Attack The Light Review

Hitman Sniper Review

Ask a few married couples what it’s like being married and waking up to the same person everyday and the answer will vary. If you were asking a happily married couple they would say that it’s the best thing that ever happened to them.  Ask another couple and your answer could sound something like, “it’s boring as hell”.  Depending on your outlook of marriage and monogamy, you would either say Hitman Sniper is another home run for Square-Enix Montreal or a critical misstep?

Hitman Sniper Review