The Order 1886 Review 

I can vividly remember when I knew my relationship with my fiancé at the time was over. It was probably one of the toughest moments in my life, and for all accounts I failed to save a four year relationship. Yet, from the rubble of that relationship we both grew. Each of us, a little stronger and a little wiser. Of course this story has a happy ending; each of us found love, and if I was to guess, something even better than what we had. Failure happens. It’s a part of life, but a necessary component to achieve greatness. You must fail in order to learn from your mistakes, creating an iterative process that not only improves the person, but the dream they are building. The Order 1886, fails in it’s attempt to create a harmonious experience of video games and cinema. But, from the failure is the potential to create something better than we’ve ever experienced. Continue reading The Order 1886 Review 

Ratchet and Clank Review


Ratchet and Clank shouldn’t exist. It’s not a first person shooter, nor is it a military cover-based shooter. It’s choice of color, compared to other popular games, is the equivalent of someone taking psychedelics and watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. It’s not hyper-realistic visuals that we’ve come to expect, it’s a playable version of Toy Story. Ratchet and Clank is a time machine – a look back into the early days of gaming. If you gauged the climate of mainstream gaming, we as gamers expect an epic tale of adventure. We want war and violence. We want a mature story with relatable characters. We don’t want platforming. Or cute characters, or a lighthearted story. A game like Ratchet and Clank would be something we ignore, not because of the genre. Because it’s a game “for kids”. Yet, here it is and I’ve played it. And while the game displays the best of what a platformer can be, it also presents its worst. Continue reading Ratchet and Clank Review

The Division ‘Review’


“Well that was pretty easy…want to hit up the Dark Zone?” I asked Kris. Kris and I just successfully rescued two hostages in an abandoned electronics store from The Cleaners – a gang equipped with flamethrowers and heavy weaponry whose sole purpose is to wipe out any of the remaining infected New Yorkers. Growing bored of the encounters we decided it was time to roam the streets of New York and find some trouble. “Oh shit, you can climb this wall and enter The Dark Zone from here.” Kris says through his mic. I immediately follow him, even jumping over the wall before him. “Shit, there’s no way out! We have to find an exit because this is a level 18 zone.” I knew what time it was. The Dark Zone isn’t necessarily the place you want to be without a plan. Kris jumped over the wall behind me and not two steps into the Dark Zone do we run into a group of enemies. It’s not an easy battle. We’re outnumbered and pinned down. Continue reading The Division ‘Review’