Grand Theft Auto V Review


This review is a follow-up to the first impressions article I wrote during the first few hours of gameplay. If you haven’t read my original impressions, take a few minutes to read them then head back here.

Fun is a subjective term. What is fun to one person might not be fun for the next. In open world games mayhem was the order of the day, and gaming community deemed it fun. Over the years Rockstar decided open world chaos is not the order of the day. That fun consists of an open world built on polish and satire. Rockstar believes that the gaming community has grown up. We no longer want random acts of violence; we want more from our games.

So, has their decision to create a mature sandbox paid off? Let’s find out. Continue reading Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V – First Impressions


Grand Theft Auto is an institution. Whether you like the franchise or hate it, chances are you’ll buy it. We all want to be a part of the experience, and with Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar has created a game that is something for everyone. And if you are going to take the plunge into the city of Los Santos you need to get one thing clear. This game is about life, and the characters in it. This isn’t the mindless fun of Saints Row 4(which I really enjoy), it’s more like Animal Crossing. After spending the day with the game here’s some things I’ve learned about Rockstar’s latest entry. Continue reading Grand Theft Auto V – First Impressions

Killzone Mercenary Review


The PlayStation Vita is a system built with ‘AAA’ experiences in mind. And Killzone Mercenary was created for this reason. And while the game is another step forward in creating console experiences for the Vita, it also incorporates flaws from a previous generation. Is this a game that should be played, flaws and all, or is it another misstep on the path to greatness? Let’s find out Continue reading Killzone Mercenary Review

Guacamelee! Review


I’ve caught the indie bug.  After completing Limbo I had to play another game from PSN‘s indie library.  I decided to play Guacamelee!,  a 2D action-platformer in with game design similar to Super Metroid and Castlevania.  Will keep the trend of high-quality gaming set forth by Limbo? Continue reading Guacamelee! Review