It’s 2018 and LinkedIn Is Still On Autopilot

LinkedIn – The social network that seems to run on autopilot. To this day I don’t really understand the allure of LinkedIn outside of looking for a job, yet every few days I’ll see a post about LinkedIn and why you should be using it. Yet for all the posts on the proper ways to make the most of the network, I never care that much to use it and when I think about it, there are a few reasons why.
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Sonic Mania Review

Are Sonic games actually good? It’s a question I asked myself when I purchased Sonic Mania for review. I grew up playing Sonic, but I never remember the games being ‘must play’ the way other games were. They were difficult in a way that other platforms like Mario never were. And unlike Mario, I never finished a Sonic game. Yet, people always clamor for Sonic games, so I had to see if I was missing something. Unfortunately, I was missing something – the truth. Sonic games aren’t that fun. Read More

Is It Time To Put The Phone Down?

If you’ve ever listened to Biggie’s ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ or watched a movie about the drug game, you know there are certain rules to which every drug dealer must abide by to achieve success. One of those is ‘never get high on your own supply’; the second being ‘never deal crack where you rest at.’ Even if you’ve never heard the song, or watched a movie about gangsters and drugs there is one thing you know to be true. Drugs are bad. Hell, even drug dealers acknowledge the destructive power of drugs. So when the people who make the social networks begin to repeat the same mantras as street pharmacists, you know you have a problem. Read More

The Growing Problem With Online Retail

I’m a fan of the Phantom City Creative IG page. It’s a company that creates dope artwork in the form of movie posters for old movies and television shows. Their work is so popular that many of the prints sell out pretty quickly. So when the company released prints for Batman: The Animated Series, I had to check them out. Unfortunately, what plagues the sneaker game also seems to affect every corner of the internet – bots and resellers. Read More