Let’s Talk About Black Panther

I left the theater after watching Black Panther with a sense of pride. For a movie that had to carry so much weight, it pulled it off. T’challa was not only an intelligent hero but also a vulnerable one. He displayed emotions and feelings towards his father and the idea of leadership that many of us as black men feel today. The way the movie portrayed the relationship between the black man and the black women is one you rarely see in the media. It was a relationship that allowed both parties to lean on each other and lead when the situation called for it. Read More

The Other Side Of The Web

Yesterday I went to check my mailbox and once again I was sent some mail from American Express. This time to upgrade to the platinum card. While I usually tear these things up and throw them in the trash, today I decided to do some research. Would it make sense to upgrade from gold to platinum? I was about to find out. Read More

I’m Loving The Surprise Release

Yesterday Netflix followed the surprise release of Cloverfield Paradox during the Super Bowl with another surprise release – Chris Rock’s latest stand-up: Tamborine. And while the personal jury is still out on the actual stand up, what’s more, significant is Netflix doing something that I wish more companies would do – drop products quickly after an announcement. Read More

How I Learned To Save Money

In 2017 I transformed from average non-saving millennial to Mr. Crabs. I’ve become a cheap bastard, and I’ve loved every minute of it! If you’ve ever wanted to get a handle on your spending you can follow some of these tips and tricks. Read More