iMessage – The Reason I Can’t Leave Apple

Yesterday I downloaded Google Calendar because the events I made in the calendar app on my Mac saved to my Google Calendar instead of the iCloud calendar. It was the final piece of the Google puzzle. Currently, I use Google apps for the following tasks: * Email * Navigation * Search * Productivity(Drive and Docs) […]

Thoughts After Reading Blood,Sweat, And Pixels

If games are art if we truly believe that video games as a medium require the same type of creativity and originality that we would see during the Renaissance Era, then why do we try to run them like a traditional business? It was a question I continued to ask myself while reading Blood, Sweat, […]

Destiny 2: The Price of Fame

The crossover.  It happens with all your favorite artists.  When they’re first starting out, their music seems pure.  It’s a mixture of raw talent and ambition and it’s what we come to know the artist for–But at some point, they reach a level of popularity and success and their music begins to change.  It feels […]

Let’s Talk Race and Racism In Games

I can remember the first time I watched Rosewood. It was a visual representation of what I read about in school. About the evil that one race of people can inflict on another. I remember finishing that movie and side-eying White people for about a week. I was young, but the truth was out, and […]