Black Voices in Gaming – Tamika ‘RedInfamy’ Moultrie

Over the years I’ve found a lot of black gamers doing great things in the community. Black voices is my attempt to help push the narrative that we are here and have something to say.  Tamika ‘RedInfamy’ Moultrie is one of those people. This is her story.

Video Games have been pretty much a cornerstone in my life since I can remember growing up in the 90s. I would watch my father play on the SEGA Master System, which my Mom got him for Christmas, and was amazed as a toddler at the cool, colorful images. I remember trying to figure out what was going on and to join in on the fun since I looked at him and seen he was having fun, so I had to join and figure out why was that by picking you up on of the gamepads. It was unplugged, and I remember to this day tapping his hand letting him know it was plugged in like his. From that day I was wired into a passion that would follow me from a fun pass time to the career I hold now in the gaming industry plus how I plan to shape it.

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Oct. 16th – Let Folks Make Games

One of the most exciting things I’ve seen in gaming is the shift from developer to consumer. While games are products that consumers purchase for sources of entertainment. The games have become only a piece of entertainment. Now the development, media content, rumors, and forum wars serve as the remaining pieces to the entertainment puzzle. But have we ever stopped to ask if that is worth the price we pay? Read More