CCPO chief to Cebu City cops: Don’t engage in illegal activities or else …

A police officer assigned to the Mambarine Police Station in Cebu City has been arrested on suspicion of extorting money from a driver who was arrested on January 25 last year for a traffic violation.contributed photo

Cebu City, Philippines — Police officers in Cebu City have been warned not to engage in illegal activities such as extortion.

Police Colonel Ireneo Dalogdog, the head of the Cebu City Police Department (CCPO), has been accused of extorting money from motorists he flagged down while operating a traffic checkpoint in Atillos Street, Brgy, at the Mambaling Police Station. A police traffic investigator issued this warning after he was arrested. Mambaring on January 25, 2023.

Dalogdog identified the arrested police investigator as Sergeant Dennis Paul Traja, a 40-year-old police officer.

“This is a strong message to the employees of the Cebu City Police Department and we will not tolerate any misconduct by any of our employees.

(This is a strong message to the Cebu City Police Department staff that they will not tolerate and will not tolerate misconduct by their staff.)

“So we are seriously working on Satan’s internal cleansing program. I will,” he said.

(So ​​we take our internal cleanup program very seriously. We do not cover up or cover up incidents of this nature. This employee involved in this illegal activity will face the consequences.)

Dalogdog said that as of this post, a blackmail and administrative lawsuit complaint is being prepared against Toraya.

Traya’s arrest was a joint operation of the Integrity Surveillance Enforcement Group Visayas Field Unit (IMEG 7), Mambarine Police Department, and other police forces. He was arrested on Torres de Abril Street in Barangay San Nicolas, Cebu City.

Traya is said to have asked the motorcycle driver to pay P1,500 to release his vehicle from custody.

This was after the Brgy checkpoint issued a summons that allegedly expired the vehicle registration. Mambaring on the same day.

However, instead of following police instructions, Ryder reported the incident to IMEG 7. Police forces then immediately launched a trapping operation against her Traya.

Dalogdog also said Mambaling Police Chief Police Major Jonathan Taneo had no knowledge of Traya’s misconduct and will not be removed from his post.

In fact, the Mambaring Police cooperated with other police units when the entrapment operation took place.

“So I told the station masters that I would be held accountable for command. I was.

(I told the station commander that we could be held accountable for command. If you fail to stop personnel under your command from committing illegal acts, it is the station It will also save the commander.)

During the investigation, Traya is being held at the Central Visayas Regional Police Station detention facility (PRO 7).

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