CDA seeks agreement with PSB to promote sports activities

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is working towards an agreement with the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) to promote sports activities in the capital.

According to the details, civil institutions have always held sporting events especially for young people, now let’s ask PSB to help us to make these events more attractive and competitive for participants. I’m doing it.

“We have recently successfully hosted five sporting events, including a chess tournament, a Scrabble championship, a boxing championship, a board game and a women’s basketball tournament,” said an official. Sports, Culture and Tourism Offices operate under local administrations. The chairman of the CDA is also the head of administration and therefore has the authority to make decisions about this directorate which plays a vital role in promoting sporting activities in Islamabad.

The official said, “If CDA and PSB reach an agreement, they can also host competitive events in schools and colleges. ” It is appropriate to mention here that Islamabad has had the privilege of hosting a great number of sporting events, especially in schools and colleges. However, after terrorist incidents increased, sporting activity began to decline and Islamabad currently does not host any major sporting events. Star his cricketer Hari Slauf is a recent accomplishment in his college cricket tournament in Islamabad.

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