China vows to strictly guard against infiltration and sabotage activities by hostile forces as the New Year begins

Streets and night markets in the border city of Ruili in southwestern China’s Yunnan province on January 10, 2023 as businesses and daily life resume after China withdraws controls on COVID-19 on January 8 people flocking to Photo: Hu Yuwei/GT

China will launch a new campaign to crack down on illegal border crossings in early 2023, maintain national political security and border stability, strengthen security prevention and control at ports, and crack down on intrusion and sabotage activities. He vowed to spare no effort to strictly defend the hostile force.

According to the official WeChat account of the National Immigration Service (NIA), the administration stressed at the National Immigration Control Conference on Saturday that it would crack down on crimes harmful to border control, addressing issues like foreign travelers. To do. Commit a crime, stay longer than your visa expires, or obtain illegal employment. The department also pledged to try to maintain normal immigration procedures.

The government will improve immigration policies, laws and regulations, comprehensively promote the construction of security management systems and major information technology projects, and accelerate the construction of a modern immigration system, he said at the conference.

According to the latest NIA data released on January 17, in 2022, a total of 32,300 border violation criminal cases will be investigated and dealt with, 117,800 criminal suspects will be arrested and dealt with, and 1,544 will be arrested. Criminal gangs were dismantled and 67,200 cases were executed. Action was taken and 50,600 people were processed through administrative procedures.

The data also show that in 2022 the department will deal with 67,000 foreigners who illegally entered, resided in, or worked in China in accordance with the law, issue warnings, fines, administrative detention or departure orders within specified time limits, He also indicated that 43,000 of them had been repatriated. .

In addition, in 2022, 8.85 tons of drugs and 712.52 tons of precursor chemicals were seized, 3,278 firearms of various types were seized, and the total amount of smuggled goods seized and seized was 220 million yuan (4,200 million yuan). million dollars).

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