Chinese nationals involved in illegal activities, including human trafficking, in Nepal

Chinese in Nepal are involved in illegal activities ranging from hacking the banking system to heinous crimes such as human trafficking, reported, citing the Human Trafficking Investigation Department in Kathmandu. According to Kathmandu’s Trafficking Investigation Department, Nepalese were deceived by the Chinese and illegally sent to Laos on offer of high salaries.

Earlier, police chief Daan Bahadur Malla of the department reported that two Chinese nationals had lured and sold 10 Nepali youths. He said further investigations were underway into allegations that they had sent more Nepali youth abroad.The two Chinese citizens accused of being involved in human trafficking, he said, will face trial. Sent to prison for previous custody. He said a Nepali citizen who assisted in the work was targeted for investigation, according to

Both of the accused Chinese citizens have been in Nepal for five years on business visas, one of whom is an IT engineer and was married to a Nepali woman. The agency’s investigation further revealed that they used Nepalese agents to transport people from Nepal to Thailand and then trafficked them to Laos by car. They were sending people from Nepal to Laos with the desire to get $1,500 from the dollar.

After being placed at an IT company in Laos, the victim said he was asked to open fake social networks and contact people from different countries in order to persuade him to invest in Bitcoin. Mara police superintendent said the Chinese initially received 390,000 rupees from the victim and did not even pay him for the work he had done after arriving in Laos, reported.

Victims also said many Nepalese trafficked by the Chinese are still in Laos awaiting rescue. The investigation is ongoing, according to the department. Police arrested the Chinese national based on complaints filed separately by her three women and her seven men that they had been trafficked.

Research also revealed that victims who knew both Chinese and English were given priority. At the same time, some young people who graduated from high school in Kathmandu came into contact with the Chinese with their greed for earning a salary in dollars. According to a report by, the lure of higher salaries has driven them from Nepal to Laos.

After that, they took illegal jobs even though they were forced to work for the company that the Chinese mentioned earlier. After working for two months, I returned to Nepal on November 11th with the help of my relatives. The victim then filed a complaint with the department on his November 16th, and based on the same complaint, police arrested Chen Yang, from Thamel, Kathmandu, on his November 24th.

Another defendant, Luan Chaohong, fled after receiving information that Yang had been detained. After learning he had fled, police stepped up surveillance at all checkpoints and managed to arrest him at Tribhuvan International Airport on the morning of November 25 as he was about to leave for Bangladesh. .

After all necessary investigations by the police and arguments in the Kathmandu District Court, the court remanded them to prison on December 20. In progress, reported. (Ani)

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