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Coast Guard crews throughout CQ were on duty over Christmas and had limited boating activity, so there were no calls for assistance.

At around 2pm on Wednesday 21st December, a 11.8m catamaran carrying a family from Melbourne to Cairns was deliberately beached at Farnborough Beach near Bungaree.

Later, the owner tried to anchor off the beach at high tide, but was unsuccessful.

On Friday, December 23rd, both Yeppoon Rescue One and Marine Assist Rescue were used.

Resurface the catamaran and tow it safely to Rosslyn Bay Harbour.

Yeppoon Rescue One (Skipper Merv Studt and crew members Alastair Sleeman, Barry Semple, Peter Kennedy and Peter Thomasson) departed the port at 7:40am and arrived at the scene at 7:52am.

Marine Assist Rescue (captain Bob Wills and crew members Myron McCormick and Marjorie Ross) accompanied them. Upon arrival, the catamaran was found nearly afloat with two anchors sticking out of the stern.

Yeppoon Rescue One swooped onto the beach and used the heaving line to pass the towline.

The owner was able to hoist one anchor, but the other quickly got stuck.

As Marine Assist Rescue approached, the crew put the anchor line on board,

I manually hoisted the anchor.

The catamaran was then taken stern first into deeper waters.

At 8:28 am, the tow reins were moved to the bow and the tow to port commenced with Marine Assist Rescue.

The ship arrived at the port at 9:21 am and the catamaran was moored to a public pontoon so that the damaged rudder could be replaced.

The operation was completed at 10:10 am.

Coast Guard safety message of the week.

Always carry legally required safety gear, but consider EPIRBS, flares, marine radios, and life jackets even if legally not required.

Once a vessel begins to flood, it can quickly become inoperable.

Having a safety device and not needing it is much better than not having one if something goes wrong.

Interested in volunteering? I would like to arrange a Marine Assist Cover

QF24 Coast Guard Thirsty Sound – Ph: 4937 3155

QF20 Coast Guard Keppel Sands – Ph: 4934 4906

QF19 Coast Guard Rockhampton – Ph: 4921 2266

QF11 Coast Guard Yeppoon – Ph: 4933 6600

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