Coffey and Nyakonah’s Lawyer Confirms Judge Ordered To Halt All PUL Activities

PUL President Charles B. Coffey Jr.

Attorneys for Charles Coffey and Daniel Nyakonah have ruled that all activities of the Liberia Press Union have been suspended by the 9th Judicial Circuit until the PUL 2022 congressional and election dispute case has been heard and a verdict has been reached. I notified the judge.

Sergeant Samuel Pearson said in a request for information filed December 19 with the Office of Assistant Judge Yousif D. He said that he was prohibited from conducting the affairs of the federation. This includes the controversial and premeditated inauguration of an individual claiming to be elected.

Pearson alleges that the judge issued the stay order because there was no petition from the opposing party. .

Judge Contoe reached the decision based on a petition filed by attorneys representing the Julius Kanuba National Campaign Management Team. Charles Coffey and Daniel Nyakona, along with their attorneys, boycotted the December 15 hearing after being notified of their assignment.

The Bill of Information points to serious discrepancies between PUL’s former leaders and their attorneys. stay order placed in the activities of the Union.

Cllr Pearson’s confirmation of the scathing scale of the order to stay PUL’s proceedings contradicts a late-night December 21 press release by PUL’s former leadership that claimed the court had not stayed, Inconsistent and useless. All Union activities.

Note: See attached for details of the confirmation by the attorneys of Charles Coffey and Daniel Nyakonah. Information table Documents submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureau.

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