Communists use communism to camouflage criminal activities: Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr in Kerala


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Released: December 19, 2022 (Monday) 11:50 [IST]

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Leaders are using communism to camouflage their criminal activities and human rights abuses, said Hungarian filmmaker Bela Tal in the communist-ruled state of Kerala.

Thiruvananthapuram, December 19th: Hungarian filmmaker Behra Tarr has denounced communism, arguing that communist leaders use ideology to cover up their criminal activities and human rights violations.

He created this communist in Kerala where a communist government is in power. Filmmakers were in Thiruvananthapuram to attend the 27th International Kerala Film Festival (IFFK) 2022.

Hungarian film director Bela Tal

Speaking to the Malayalam daily, Bella Taal claimed his country had once embraced communism, but that same country taught him to hate it. He claims to have been an avid fan of communism until he was a year old.

The organizers said, “I have never seen a good communist before. Leaders use communism to camouflage their crimes and human rights violations. Most of them are communists and Marxists.” I don’t know the difference, I don’t know the situation in Kerala,” the organizers quoted. as he says.

Communism, an idea alien to India, is dying of natural causesCommunism, an idea alien to India, is dying of natural causes

According to him, tyranny and communism are birds of the same feather, and no country has progressed through communism. He named countries such as Poland, Hungary, East Germany, and Russia that failed because of communism.

In soul-rending black-and-white works like Werckmeister Harmonies (2000), The Turin Horse (2011), and the Satanango (1994), Bela Tar argues that China is a capitalist country, and everywhere has inspired cultists in Even if the term “communist” is printed on the banner, it does not mean that it is the Communist Party and that capitalism contributed to China’s growth.

Countries that were ruled by communists today face deep poverty, he said. Citing the example of Stalin and Kim Jong Un, the Hungarian filmmaker said that communism and tyranny go hand in hand.

He thanked the Government of Kerala for presenting him with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 27th International Film Festival in Kerala. However, Vera Thalfeld said he was awarded for his achievements, not his political views.

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