Community and activities for Lubbock moms and kids

Lubbock, TX — If you’re a mother of young children struggling to find community, Mom Lounge is the place for you and is now officially open.

Co-owners Mary McCabe and Anna O’Steen met at the same time in their lives and wanted to create a space for moms.

“I had an idea like when my son was born five years ago when I realized there was no place to go with my young son in Lubbock,” McCabe said.

“We wanted to have a soundboard if you had any questions,” says O’Steen. “We organize classes for them, providing cozy hours, free complimentary coffee and neck massages.”

A modern play space caters to ages 0-5 with the opportunity to learn and play the Montessori method.

“It’s really just about getting the kids to bond with each other and with their parents,” McCabe said. These are mom-only classes, so they include yoga and Hite classes.”

This class is open to parents, grandparents and grandparents. There is also a nursing space, tables and chairs where you can relax, and a shopping corner.

“Together, we worked these ideas out of our brains,” Osteen said. I love the area, so I wanted to create a black and white theme for the baby tummy time area.”

Mom Lounge hosts birthday parties on Saturdays and families can rent the entire space for two hours. It also includes other activities such as bounce houses, face painting and music sessions.

“It’s just a hub for moms to come find each other, brainstorm each other’s ideas, and bond with the little ones. It’s just a great place to hang out in Lubbock,” McCabe said.

This space is located at 4414 82nd Street in the Village Shopping Center. Open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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