Complete Guide To Maximising Your Fitness & Gym Activities Using ClassPass

Did you overeat during your CNY vacation until you felt the need to get active to burn those pineapple handles?

With gyms popping up everywhere, even in Heartland, it’s definitely not difficult to find one, sign up for a package, and start your fitness goals. Or are you still looking for the perfect fitness spot and don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I first discovered ClassPass in 2018 when I dabbled in joining a yoga studio. After that, I worked in the Yoga Land area (also known as Raffles Place) and was attracted to the app because the classes were often cheaper than the studio. I was also using ClassPass because it allowed me to try different fitness locations without signing a package.

Fast forward to today and I have a dedicated yoga studio that I prefer and even signed up for a studio package. I am hovering over it.

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What are the ClassPass subscription plans

About 1,000 fitness and wellness facilities in Singapore offer ClassPass. Activities range from gyms, biking, strength training, boxing and yoga studios to massages, spas, meditation, hotels and more.

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ClassPass offers the following plans:

  • 8 credits: $19 per month
  • 25 credits: $59 per month
  • 45 credits: $99 per month
  • 85 credits: $185 per month
  • 150 credits: $315/month

A class typically uses between 3 and 15 credits, so a plan with an average of 45 credits will allow you to attend 3 to 7 credits per month.

Note: If you’re on track and run out of credits quickly, you can add more credits without changing your monthly plan. 2 credits is $6 ($3 per credit), 10 credits is $25 ($2.50 per credit). Note, however, that it costs slightly more than monthly plan credits. Use this only if you don’t want to change plans.

Types of classes available

Fitness and wellness aggregators are very transparent about the products they have on their platforms. You can check.

For example, downtown core area classes include cycling, strength training, boxing, pilates, yoga, running, gymnastics, dance, barre, open gym, belly dancing, pole dancing, and outdoor cycling.

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The app navigates to locations near you, so they’re all within walking distance or just a short distance away. Classes will appear at the bottom of the app, reflecting that they are in that area so you can remember them for future classes.

The variety of activities makes it easy for beginners to explore and try. All studios also have guidelines and information so you can read and be prepared before your visit.

For example, if you want to take a Knockout boxing class at Box Office Fitness, you can read what to do. First-timers should arrive approximately 30 minutes early for class preparation. A brief description of the class and also what it contains.

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How to book a class

Please read the general instructions first before checking out. Some gyms/studios may require you to wear specific clothing or bring your own towels and exercise equipment.

If you forget anything you need for your class, the studio may have spares, but there may be a charge to use them. As part of our Covid-19 measures, please also read our gym/studio safety and cleanliness information.

[予約]Click to book a class and you will be taken to the next page to confirm your slot. You can add classes to your calendar as reminders.

that’s it! You are now ready for your next activity challenge. Please bring your own hydration during the lesson.

Tip #1) New Members: Get a Free Trial

New members in Singapore get their first month free and are automatically enrolled in ClassPass’s 45 credits per month plan at the end of the 1 month trial period. You can always adjust your plan after the first trial month.

You should make the most of the first month’s free trial which issues 45 credits.

The number of credits depends on the amount of credits purchased. So if you only use 6 credits per class, you can expand to 7 classes. Of course, not all classes offer the same credit rate. Some classes, like the WeBarre class, are typically 11-13 credits, so if you choose to take them, you can only take up to 4 lessons.

You can use this chart to calculate your class costs.

ClassPass Credit Fee

8 credits: $19/month plan $2,375 per credit
25 credits: $59/month plan $2.36/credit
45 credits: $99/month plan $2.20/credit
85 credits: $185/month plan $2,176 per credit
150 credits: $315/month plan $2.10/credit
Average price per credit: $2,242 per credit

Tip 2) Take advantage of free perks: free towels, use of gym/studio shower facilities

Some gyms and studios have shower facilities, use of Dyson hairdryers, soap and shampoo. So when looking for a class, check out the gym’s capabilities to get the most out of your experience there.

Larger studios such as WeBarre and Yoga Movement also have rest areas and open spaces. So, if you join class early, you can enjoy comfortable seating and even purchase items that are on sale.

The merchandise the studio sells is typically gym wear or wellness products such as soaps and aromatherapy scents.

Tip 3) Bargain Hunt: Look out for Discounted Prices at Popular Gyms

Popular gyms, which usually charge more, offer good rates, especially for newcomers.

Occasionally, we may lower session prices during off-peak hours or when classes are not fully booked.

Another tip is to be aware that gym and studio class prices are different, even for the same type of activity. Studios are a more affordable alternative option.

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Tip 4) Book classes last minute to save credit

The same theory applies to classes that start immediately or take place later in the day. Due to ClassPass’ fluid metrics, fees for future classes that are not yet full may receive a few credits discounted to fill the spot.

Only consider this if you’re ready for classes, bring your gym clothes, and don’t get hung up on studios or class types.

Tip 5) Find a class near your home/work and save money on transportation

It’s often a good idea to choose a class closer to your home or work, or wherever you are. This will save you money on transportation and you won’t have to rush to class because of traffic problems.

You’ll save $10 or more in shipping compared to having to bring your Grab to class after work or school.

Tip #6) Use Cashback or Rewards Credit/Debit Cards to Earn Points for Recurring Monthly Fees

Bills occur on a regular basis, so you should peg card payments to cards that offer free rewards points or cashback. Earn points and cashback while staying fit. This is the best of both worlds.

For example, you can add your GrabPay card as a card that charges monthly fees. This allows you to have more Grab reward points that can be used to redeem vouchers/promotions.

Tip 7) If you have surplus credits, consider wellness activities

There will be months when life and work get so busy that the fitness aspect of life becomes boring. That’s fine too, because you can use your credits to select wellness sessions on his ClassPass app instead.

Note, however, that wellness activities are services that typically cost a little more, such as grooming, haircuts, spa or nail sessions, so you won’t get a big discount.

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Another benefit of ClassPass is that unused credits roll over to your next month’s plan. For example, if your plan includes 19 credits, up to 19 credits can be carried over to the next month.

Credits will appear in your account 48 hours after renewal. However, any additional credits will be forfeited.

If you purchase charge credits or credit bundles, they roll over to the next month if you don’t use them up (up to 10 credits).

Tip #8) Earn credits and discounts by referring friends

Some classes are more fun as group activities. Growing the ClassPass community also benefits in the form of plan credits and discounts.

You can do this by referring your friends through your referral link.First, search for any class with[招待]Appears when you click the button or reserve a spot[友達を招待]Tap the link.

Log in to the ClassPass app, tap the profile tab in the bottom right corner, tap[友達を紹介]can also be selected. When your friend becomes a paid member after the free trial, the reward will be credited to your account within 7-14 business days.

Tip 9) Maintain a fitness routine by attending classes abroad

According to ClassPass, you can take classes abroad on the app. The platform is used in more than 2,500 of his cities around the world.

You can tap existing credits to use your membership abroad.

Countries where ClassPass is available include USA, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Sweden, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Tip #10) Do not cancel or miss classes unless absolutely necessary

If you find yourself unable to attend the class later in the day, please be aware of late cancellations and unbooked fees.

late cancel

  • Free cancellation up to 12 hours before start time and credit will be refunded.
  • A late cancellation fee will be charged if canceled within 12 hours of the start time. In Singapore, it ranges from $12 to $59.

missed a reservation

  • If you miss your reservation without canceling it, the credit will be returned to your account.
  • You will be charged an unreserved fee of $17-$68.

It’s clear that ClassPass takes bookings seriously. Don’t skip or miss classes as it can cost you money.

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