Construction activities hit by non- availability of gravel

Mangalulu, a member of the Private Contractors Association, said the coalition of Karnataka Quarry and Stone Association has held an indefinite protest and suspended operations at all stone crushing and quarrying units for the past two weeks. He said he was facing the inconvenience of

Association president Mahabala Cottery stressed Monday that the lack of availability of crushed gravel for the past 15 days has hurt ongoing work. “Members of the association have been engaged in the construction of residential estates, commercial estates and other construction activities in and around Mangaluru. It impacted our activity.Continuous indefinite stirring by the crusher unit made the gravel unavailable.As a result we were unable to pay our workers.

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Thousands of workers from the district and out of state are engaged in construction activities. Day laborers are also facing many difficulties, he said, as construction activities come to a halt due to the lack of availability of raw materials. The association has asked the government to meet the demands of quarry owners in the state and to secure the supply of raw materials. He warned that if the issue was not resolved within his week, the association would join workers in protests in Mangaluru.

He said monthly cement price hikes are affecting the construction industry. The association plans to submit a memorandum of understanding to the Deputy Commissioner on the issues they are facing. They claimed there was a large amount of illegal sand available.

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