Decatur is getting a new connection point and more in 2023

2022 has been a great year for the City of Decatur. In 2023, Decatur will pick up where it left off.

Decatur, Alabama — A sneak peek at all the exciting things coming to the Tennessee Valley.

The “Steamboat Building” Memorial Bridge serves as one of the gateways to the town of 57,804, but according to Decatur Mayor Tub Bowling, the city will make new connections. “If you’re heading north from Decatur to Huntsville, once you cross the river, he’s the city of Decatur, go all that area until you get to the 65 Bridge,” said Mayor Bowling. “That’s 2,500 acres he’s building a new overpass that’s due to be completed next month.”

Huntsville has been voted the best place to live in 2022. The mayor of Bowling shares that the announcement has resulted in notable growth. “These are good times in Decatur,” says Bowling. “Our revenue continues to grow, which allows us to pave more, invest more in quality of life for our residents, and meet the infrastructure needs associated with this kind of growth. We can handle it.”

2022 also saw the biggest announcement in space exploration in Decatur. “United Launch Alliance (ULA), here’s what he received from Amazon to build 48 rockets, and with United Launch Alliance he created a $300 million expansion. ,” Bowling said.

Construction has also begun on the new Fairfield Inn and townhomes. “As far as growth goes, there’s a lot going on downtown,” Bowling said. “Those downtown items alone, including a new hotel, parking lot, and Alabama Center for the Arts dorms, would require him to invest $70 million. Maggie Square is an 18-unit townhome development in the Bank Street area. , is a very nice skyscraper. The end.”

For Decatur residents who like to spend time outdoors, 2023 will see more recreational activities in the area. “Fortunately, he was able to settle with 3M, which has been going on for years,” Bowling said. “We are currently in the design phase of the new rec center that will enter Wilson Morgan Park and will also be renovating the entire park. We have a new sports complex near by that will be a great investment for our city.”

For more information on the City of Decatur’s future plans, visit the City of Decatur website.

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