Decision to localize postal activities, parcel delivery comes into force

Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh — The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has announced that it has started implementing a decision to localize outlets for postal and parcel delivery services across Saudi Arabia.

The MHRSD said the decision took effect today and after the completion of the grace period specified to localize these activities.

The first phase of the decision involves 100% localization of 14 activities from the Postal Service, excluding the Cleaner and Cargo and Unloader occupations.

This decision aims to localize postal activities, parcel delivery and delivery services via the e-platform, transport of parcels (local and international) and express delivery activities.

This is in addition to the activities of receiving, delivering and transporting postal parcels, providing mailroom management services and providing mailroom management services.

The decision also covers activities that provide processing and storage services for mail and parcels and redistribute them.

It also focuses on the activities of providing postal logistics services, the activities of private postal carriers, etc.

Note that previously issued decisions included 100% localization of CEO positions and 60% localization of top management positions for top level positions, effective 10 September 1444 AH Worth doing.

Phase 2, on the other hand, will enter into force on 3 June 1445 AH, and thus will include 70% of the 2nd level localizations for top management.

The MHRSD has pledged to provide several incentives in terms of supporting private companies to help them hire Saudis.

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