Did you new year’s resolutions outlast Quitter’s Day?

Late last year, consumer research firm Statista polled hundreds of Americans about their New Year’s resolutions for 2023. About 23% don’t even make it through her first week.

Strava, a network that tracks physical activity, recorded more than 800 million user-recorded activities in 2019, and found that most people threw in the towel by the second Friday of January.

This year it was Friday, January 13th.

Luckily, for those looking to break the cycle of their annual quit-smoking ritual, Viator, the global experience marketplace, has some tips for sticking to and achieving those commitments. .

Planning to live a healthier life is the most popular resolution among Americans who choose to make resolutions for 2023. Statista Global Consumer Survey.

Fourth, save more money, 39% of respondents. It was followed by a resolution to spend more time with family and friends. Spending less time on social media, less stress at work, and less spending on living expenses round out the top eight at 20%, 19%, and 19% respectively.

Whether you want to be more active, be more adventurous, learn something new, or travel more, Viator experts recommend incorporating meaningful experiences into your goals to keep you excited and motivated throughout your transformative journey. I’m here.

This year’s top three New Year’s resolutions all relate to adjusting to a healthier lifestyle. More than half of respondents plan to exercise more, eat healthier, or lose weight.

Viator suggests that being more adventurous can help you reach your fitness goals and give you a thrill in life at the same time. This can be achieved by participating in Try the adrenaline rush experience. They make your heart beat and achieving your fitness goals is fun.

About 37% of people want to spend more time with family and friends this year. It may be beneficial to try a different approach to family time. Get out of the house and spend quality time in your new surroundings. Sitting at home doing the same thing becomes stale and takes away family time.

Instead, try group activities that are fun for the whole family, such as interactive tours of where you live. Consider a downtown walking tour, haunted house tour, or camping trip. Families will create irreplaceable memories while seeing and learning about your city’s history, culture and famous architecture.

One of the most rewarding aspects of travel is the experience. Social media and tourism marketing make it easier to stick to tourism activities, but it’s often more fun to get to know the area and experience it like a local.

Carley Rojas Avila, travel blogger for Explorers Away, commented: Balancing your itinerary with curated experiences and visiting off-the-beaten-path destinations often result in a far more memorable and unique travel experience in the long run. ”

Nearly 20% of respondents wanted to spend less time on social media as their New Year’s resolution. Social media is suffocating much of the world. You don’t have to be trapped in that ruse. If one solution is to spend less time on social media, Viator suggests spending time learning something new. Practicing new skills can easily distract you and your family from the constant scrolling of social media.

A new hobby can bring exciting new experiences while helping you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. Learn how to cook from a local celebrity chef, take a walking tour with him to learn about Boston’s revolutionary history, or learn how to swim and snorkel in preparation for your next tropical vacation.

Regardless of your New Year’s resolutions, the new year offers opportunities for new starts and improvements. If you’re struggling to reach your goals, try a different approach to give yourself a new perspective.

And perhaps next year, you can be one of the 9% celebrating the success of that decision, paving the way for new, deeper choices in the coming year.

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