DMK suspends Krishnamurthy for ‘unlawful activities’ after comments on Governor Ravi

DMK leader Shivaji Krishnamurthy has been temporarily suspended from the party for “illegal activities” related to his “defamatory” remarks against Governor RN Ravi.

This comes shortly after Chennai Police said they would be prosecuting him under IPC Sections 499 and 500 based on a complaint filed by Deputy Chief of Staff of Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi over his remarks. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) took action on the complaint, writing to the governor’s deputy commissioner stating that the video in which Neta was heard speaking out against the governor was confirmed to be defamatory. rice field.

DCP DV Kiran said the case fell within the scope of Articles 499 and 500 of the IPC. “The complaint, along with the enclosed video, has therefore been forwarded to the Additional Chief Secretary of the Government of Tamil Nadu, Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Prohibition and Excise for final and further necessary action,” the letter read. rice field.

Krishnamurthy has been accused of abusing the governor of Tamil Nadu for “did not properly read the speech given to him” and advising him to settle in Kashmir as he could be shot down by terrorists. “You (Governor) have only taken an oath according to the Constitution, haven’t you? It was written by our ancestor Ambedkar, right? If you can’t say his name, turn to Kashmir.” Go out. We will send the terrorists ourselves so they can shoot you. Down,” he said.

These developments are the result of an altercation on several issues between Tamil Nadu’s CM MK Stalin and the governor.

The battle between Stalin and Ravi

The dispute escalated when Governor Ravi skipped certain parts of his speech and did not name Dravidian heavyweights like Elodeh Venkatappa Ramasamy (Periyar) and CN Anadurai in his recent parliamentary address prepared by the state government. bottom. Following this, CM submitted a resolution accepting only Ravi’s approved text into the record and refusing to add and omit his own. The resolution was passed by majority vote and the governor went on strike. Since the showdown, the quarrel has snowballed into a wider conflict. The governor-general is said to have also refused to approve his 20 bills proposed by Stalin.

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