DNR Report: Snowmobile activity revs up with improved trails – Duluth News Tribune

5th Arrondissement – Iberez Area

CO Darrin Kittelson (International Falls #1) reported that new dumps of snow were welcomed by snowmobiles, but the cold was not. is also slowing down. Time was also spent on equipment issues and fur registration, and the possible theft of birch poles was investigated.

CO Curtis Simonson (International Falls #2) Report lakes and rivers in the work area to check anglers. Regional snowmobile trails were monitored throughout the week and trail conditions remained good. A follow-up was made to the report of the theft of the decorations.

CO John Slatzynski IV (Ray) Completed pre-employment background checks for the upcoming CO recruitment process. Equipment upgrades tended to happen. Various wildlife related issues were raised and resolved. The return of extreme cold has tested the will of those who enjoy snowmobiling and fishing, both of which have been encountered in significant numbers.

CO Troy Fondie (Orr) It reports that fishing and snowmobiling activity was monitored over the course of a week. Fishing is still poor. Active lumber sales checked. Arctic air arrived over the weekend, pushing temperatures to minus 30 degrees, limiting outdoor activity. Equipment work and management tasks continue.

CO Aaron Larson (Tower) Primarily engaged in policing fishing and snowmobiles. Larson spent time checking on anglers on Vermillion Lakes. They were having trouble finding a good number of walleye. Larson has also helped with snowmobile safety classes in Ely and assisted the County of St. Louis with missing person searches. The violations encountered included fishing without a license, fishing after revocation, fishing with extra fishing line, allowing youth to violate fish and game laws, not displaying snowmobile registrations, were the use of fish species as bait (spear decoys), and the possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. .

CO Mark Johnson (hiving) Mainly engaged in fishing activities and policing snowmobiles. He also trained, worked at the Hibbing fur registry, and investigated complaints about possible wolf predation. Area anglers still report slow bites on local lakes.

CO Shane Zavodnik (Virginia) I spent time completing administrative tasks and patrolling the area’s snowmobile trails. Despite the frigid weather, snowmobiling activity is very active. Zavodnik continues its investigation into last season’s bear-hunting case.

CO Duke Broten (Aurora) Spent a week monitoring ice fishing and snowmobiling activity. Very few anglers were encountered that week. The fresh snow that fell during the week helped snowmobiling her trails, but the cold weekend seemed to deter snowmobiling. I also answered calls about trespassing, injured animals, and wood theft.

District 6 – Two Port Areas

CO Sean Williams (Ely #1) Snowmobile trail conditions report several inches of accumulated snow over the course of the week. Lake slush was minimal, but some pockets were still found. Fishing success continued to slow ahead of the extremely cold weather that arrived over the weekend. Violations included fishing without a license, failing to display snowmobile registration markings, and catching unstamped trout. .

CO John Belsvag (Ely #2) Last week I checked out the anglers and snowmobiles. Slush conditions are much better on local lakes, but fishing was slow. Snowmobile trail conditions are good, but the larger lakes are still rough.

CO Hudson Ledeen (Grand Marais #2) Spent a week on snowmobiling and ice fishing patrols. Recent snow and cold weather have brought more of these classic midwinter conditions and fishing success remains slow. rice field.

CO Anthony Burmell (Babbitt) Checked for anglers and snowmobile operators. Activity was down as it was getting colder. Trail conditions are good with fresh snow. There was no snowmobile trail sticker and enforcement action was taken against the speed of the snowmobile.

CO Matt Miller (Silver Bay) Checked out trout anglers and snowmobile riders during the cold week. The ice conditions on the lake have improved, making it easier to travel by snowmobile. Some lakes have roads cleared of snow, while others have too much snow for vehicles. Complaints about wolves being illegally kidnapped turned out to be social media jokes. Trout anglers are reminded that live minnows and multiple lines are prohibited in designated trout lakes. Enforcement action was taken for fishing and snowmobiling violations.

CO Kiran Hill (Tofte) He reportedly pounded trails and lakes all week with a local police officer. A frigid cold front engulfed the area and activity was low. However, in the middle area of ​​the Gunflint Trail, there were multiple anglers who confirmed the lake’s trout limits. Officers found anglers using extra line and two snowmobile violations were documented. Hill is almost done with background research.

District 7 – Grand Rapids Area

CO Vinnie Brown (North Home) Patrolled snowmobile trails and local lakes. Anglers have reported slow walleye bites with several pike and perch caught. Assistance was provided to the county with a call regarding a motorist stranded on a snowmobile trail. Training took place, as did fur registration.

CO Thomas Sutherland (Grand Rapids) Over the past week, I’ve been working on ice fishing and snowmobiling activities. Enforcement actions were taken for fishing without a license, illegal possession of pine martens, and expired snowmobile registrations.

CO Brian Holt (Grand Rapids) Checked out fishing activities and snowmobile trails. Time was also spent following up on complaints and unresolved cases. Holt continued to work on background research on applicants for the next CO his academy.

CO Taylor Hochstein (Hill City) Continued focus on ice fishing and snowmobiling activities. The recent cold weather has significantly reduced the success rate of fishing. Snowmobile enthusiasts willing to dress appropriately and brave the weather found the trails to be in good condition and with few riders.

CO Jacob Willis (Brookston) Continued to patrol fishing and snowmobiling activities. Snowmobiling activities continue to increase as trails improve. Loud pipes continue to be a common complaint. Willis also helped register the furs.

CO Andy Schmidt (Duluth West) Enforced snowmobile enforcement on local lakes and trails. Violations continue to be seen due to loud exhaust noise, registration numbers/decals and snowmobile safety requirements. The lakes in the area are still patchy, making it difficult for drifts to cross the lakes. Fishing activity remains steady, but muddy conditions and a lack of snow-cleared roads limit much of the pressure this season.

CO Kip Duncan (Duluth East) We continued to crack down on snowmobiles for most of the week. Snowmobile trails continue to be congested in and around the Duluth area. Recent snowfall has resulted in increased snowmobiling activity on local lakes and less snowmobiling on frozen lakes. There were also fishing activities in the local lakes. Duncan also spent time registering furs.

CO Tony Elwell (Cloquet) This week I spent time checking ice anglers and patrolling snowmobile trails. We also received calls from injured animals and dealt with them.

CO Mikeena Wehr (Willow River) This week I worked on a special project.

CO Ben Karon (Pine City) I have spent the past week completing the background research assigned to him. I also spent time patrolling and maintaining snowmobiles and checking on anglers. A fur registration was made. Voter turnout was low.

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