Downtown Development Association announces new plans for winter activities in addition to downtown ice rink – Grand Forks Herald

GRAND FORK – In addition to the first Community Credit Union Downtown Ice Rink in Town Square, which opened to the public on December 29, outdoor curling, snow sculptures, snow domes, and additional programmed events will bring people Some of the winter activities you can enjoy in season. .

This activity forms a new concept called Downtown Frosty Forks by the Downtown Development Association. This is a tribute to the downtown areas of both Grand Forks and East Grand Forks.

DDA Chief Operating Officer Jill Proctor said the initiative was launched this year.

“We are always thinking of ways to keep our community active and healthy, including during the winter months,” she said. “This fall we took a serious look at what the ice rink does and how we can build momentum and experience on the ice rink.”

For the past eight years, DDA has maintained and programmed the Town Square link. Proctor said setting up an ice rink downtown was one of the organization’s first goals.

From left, Craig Spencer, Bennett Spencer, Isla Spencer, Chloe Keegan, and Kinsley Keegan pose before skating on the Grand Forks Town Square skating rink on Thursday, December 29, 2022.

Cory Wenzel/Grand Forks Herald

Over the years, Proctor said he’s seen more people use the link.

“The lighting, the location and the ambience alone provide a different experience than other rinks in the city,” said Proctor.

For winter activities across the rink, Proctor said the DDA has brainstormed ways to create connectivity between both downtowns and how to provide maximum winter recreational benefits to the entire community. rice field.

Introducing accessible activities for everyone was a key factor.

So far, DDA has ordered standard-sized curling lanes from Street Curling, a company that specializes in manufacturing outdoor curling lanes. DDA will work with talented local artists to create snow sculptures, and Copilot Designs will create ice tables for people to use.

DDA will update the publication when new equipment becomes available.

A grant of $34,500 was provided by Knight Foundation Donor Advised Funds through Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, and Regional Community Foundations.

Funding also came from a $1,500 spirited grant from the North Dakota Department of Commerce. Funding from the Myra Foundation will help purchase snow globes to create a warmer downtown location.

Other sponsors include First Community Credit Union, Hugo’s, Happy Harry’s, Ideal Aerosmith Inc., and the City of Grand Forks.

Proctor said he hopes to expand the winter activities offered by DDA. This includes the goal of continuing to create a connection to downtown Grand Forks on the east side of the river, including an ice rink on the east side of the river.

“Even if it doesn’t turn into a skating rink, that’s fine. We just want it to be something that people can go out and walk around in and be healthy, even when it’s cold outside,” Proctor said.

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