EAA AeroEducate Ends 2022 With Growing User Base and Youth Activities

The Experimental Aircraft Association’s AeroEducate program, an online portal for youth, parents and teachers in the world of flying, has grown to more than 3,000 registered users in its first five months of activity, including a national includes over 750 educators from

EAA’s Director of Education, Paul Maloy, said: “We can’t wait to continue this first AeroEducate momentum into his 2023, offering new activities, badges and career areas for young people to explore and educators to bring into the classroom. ”

AeroEducate’s 1,500 current student users (ages 5 to 18) have completed 2,500 activities in the program’s five career areas. This program includes individual DIY projects and classroom activities that allow young people to explore aviation in a fun way and learn about multiple aviation career opportunities.

When students complete activities, they earn digital achievement badges that can be printed as proof of achievement. Currently, she has 16 digital badges available for her four study levels in the program. Each badge represents a different section of the aviation world. More badges will be introduced as the program develops.

AeroEducate is supported by United Airlines, Siemens, and Airbus.

For more information on AeroEducate, visit AeroEducate.org.

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