EMU to Organise Various Awareness Activities with the Slogan “Books on the Path of Information” Throughout 2023

Throughout 2023, the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Press Office and Directorate General for Socio-Cultural Activities will organize various awareness-raising events under the slogan “Books on the Information Road” under the title “Book Gathering by EMU” . A press conference will be held on Monday, December 19, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. He EMU Board Meeting Hall. Dr. Deniz İşçioğlu, Vice Chancellor for Social and Cultural Affairs of EMU, Dr. Şebnem Hoşkara, President of EMU Press, Çiğdem Duvarcı, Department of Social and Cultural Activities Unit Manager, and members of the press attended the conference. said meeting.

“Increase awareness of books”

Vice-Chancellor Professor Ishchool, who opened the conference, said the activities to be organized throughout 2023 aim to contribute to the development of a reading culture in society and raise awareness of the importance of written sources. said. Lectures and book signings featuring authors from EMU Publications will be held as part of the event, Professor Ishchol said there will also be a book fair in the coming months. He thanked Dr. Hoşkara and Duvarcı for their contribution in organizing the event and Dr. İşçioğlu said 2023 will be an important year in the development of reading culture. Awareness of reading with EMU.

“A new project that we want to offer to the community”

Dr. Şebnem Hoşkara, chairman of the EMU Press Executive Board, also said in his speech that since 1995, EMU Press has been publishing high-quality scholarly and popular publications in line with both local and global needs. I said I’ve been It is published in Turkish and English and can be published in different languages ​​for those who wish and can be printed by EMU Press. He said it would be possible to access EMU publications, current or past, including research conducted within and outside EMU in the field. / Art, especially Denise at his local bookstore in the Plaza. Prof. Hoşkara said that there is a growing demand for various publications from abroad, which is a good thing. He said that his EMU publications, including academic periodicals/journals published by various academic units and research centers, he is the face of EMU, Dr. Hoşkara said that the ‘Book Gathering with EMU’ event I mentioned that it emerged as a new project. They aim to make EMU publications available to the public.

“People of all ages benefit from many activities.”

Çiğdem Duvarcı, Unit Manager of EMU’s Department of Social and Cultural Activities, said he will contribute to EMU Press at the event. Duvarcı, who said there will be author talks and book signings about books published by EMU Publications, said the first of these will be about a new book published by EMU Press titled ‘Contemporary Famagusta Engravings’. Announced. Deniz Plaza’s donations will set up stands for book lovers on campus, and those who wish will be able to purchase gifts from EMU Press publications at these stands by New Year’s Eve, and book his fair. He said it will be held in Spring. Duvarcı is dedicated to the areas of book sales, panels, science, art, technology, storytelling and audiobooks so that people from all regions and all ages can visit the fair and benefit from the many activities. said to hold a workshop in Corners, autograph sessions with writers from overseas, etc. Duvarcı concluded her speech by stating that she aims to spread reading culture in society.

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