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I love visiting downtown Marietta and the surrounding areas on holidays and all year round. In fact, it’s one of our favorite starting points for walking mountain-to-river trails or meandering as exercise.

Enjoying fun activities in downtown Marietta just got easier thanks to the city’s online parking map.photo courtesyDeanland / OurTravelCafe.com

Now, a new parking map helps you find free or paid parking spaces, making getting around easier and more convenient by eliminating wasted time looking for elusive spots.

Surprisingly, Marietta has 3,237 downtown parking spaces. This includes his three decks of 1,520 spaces, 336 on-street spaces, and his 1,381 spaces within 26 private properties. Since November 2018, 497 new available parking spaces have been added to the downtown area and made available for public use.


Marietta’s online parking map makes it easy to find free and paid parking near downtown and squares.photo courtesyMarietta City website

Downtown visitors can find a parking map on their PC, tablet, or phone at this link.

Post-parking activity

Of course, you already know that downtown has plenty of restaurants, desserts and sweets, shopping, and more. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for a more active visit to downtown Marietta.

Cycling or walking: The Mountain to River Trail runs along railroad tracks near downtown and is a great starting point for short or long walks. Paths are shared with bikes and are more common in areas away from downtown.


The Mountain to River Trail follows railroad tracks and offers miles of hiking and biking.photo courtesyDeanland / OurTravelCafe.com

Marietta Square Market Food Hall: I love stopping here after a walk or bike ride to try the ever changing variety of food and treats. Some of our favorites are Korean rice bowl-style offerings, Cuban sandwiches, sushi, and barbecue. Of course, we always add ice cream and baked goods to reward an active visit.


I love creating my own food fusion mashups at the Marietta Square Market Food Hall. This time it’s a pairing of yakiniku and sushi.photo courtesyDeanland / OurTravelCafe.com

Museum Meander: We discovered many of Marietta’s wonderful museums plotted on our GPS and walked to each one. So you only park once. Visiting two museums and lunch downtown is usually enough to complete the day.

Fire Museum: When you want to get your grandchildren involved, the Marietta Fire Museum is the place to go. Find a parking space downtown and take the boys through the free museum. Their reward is usually a stop at an ice cream shop downtown.


When my grandchildren are in tow, I love checking out vintage equipment at the Marietta Fire Museum.photo courtesyDeanland / OurTravelCafe.com

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