EPS board approves lease-purchase of 2 activity buses | News

ENID, okra. — The Enid Public Schools Board of Education approved the purchase of three-year leases for two new activity buses at their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night.17 January 2023.

Adding two new buses brings the district’s total to six activity buses.

One of the buses has a seating capacity of 57 rear-facing seats with an integrated video system and plenty of storage. It’s mounted on a truck chassis and costs just under $350,000.

The second bus accommodates 44 passengers and costs the school district $157,152. A board member voted to execute his three-year lease purchase with Security National Bank, with a down payment on the bus that can be repaid at any time.

EPS Chief Financial Officer Sam Robinson said:

Enid Public Schools signed a deal with ESS this year to provide replacement teachers. ESS Accounts His manager, Christy Hladik, told board members that ESS has been able to raise its replacement teacher recruitment rate to an overall average of 83%.

“This year is the first time we have outsourced these services, and they have proven to be very successful,” said Superintendent Darrell Floyd.

Floyd announced during the conference that Enid Public Schools had received a $29,181 Air Force STEM grant.

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