Eritrea – Central Region: Activity Assessment Meeting

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The Central Region Administration has held an activity evaluation meeting for 2022 and formulated a development program for 2023.

Pointing to the challenges faced in the past two years in implementing development programs due to restrictions to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, managing director of the region said to be relatively encouraged. Implemented.

According to the report presented at the conference, construction projects and road maintenance, design and planning, protection of Asmara heritage, adoption and inspection of building and infrastructure construction and maintenance, and activities such as: I’m here. – On project implementation and capacity.

The report further notes that commendable action is being taken in developing green spaces, empowering women, avoiding harmful practices, renovating and installing water containers and electricity, installing information systems and development. pointed out. of the educational learning process.

Participants had extensive discussions on the presented reports and adopted various recommendations.

Strong participation of public and government agencies has shown that commendable development activities have been carried out, and regional governor Fesehaye Haile said that increasing local income and strengthening greening campaigns will be among the priority actions for 2023. said to be one.

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