EU indebted to IRGC anti-terror activities: Foreign Ministry

TEHRAN – Iran’s foreign ministry said on Monday that the European Parliament’s decision to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization is illegal under the UN charter, thanks to the IRGC’s constant campaign against terrorist groups. He stressed that Europe is safe.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said imposing sanctions on the IRGC “clearly violates the UN Charter.”

At a weekly press conference, Kanaani said the IRGC’s anti-terrorism work in Syria and Iraq had given Europe a sense of security.

Kanani also said Iran had rejected the resolution, calling it “irresponsible and illogical.”

“Absence of nuclear talks does not mean absence of exchange of messages.”

He also said that the lack of a new round of negotiations between Iran and the West “is not the same as the absence of engagement and the exchange of messages and views.”

Negotiations to revive the battered 2015 nuclear deal have stalled for months. Iran and the US have accused each other of a deadlock in negotiations.

Kanaani went on to say that the talks would serve both sides’ interests.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson emphasized that Tehran and Washington have not spoken directly.

The European Union has acted as an intermediary between Iran and the United States to put the JCPOA on the right track. Iran has refused direct talks with the United States since negotiations to restore the deal began in April 2021.

Iran linked direct negotiations with the US to joining the deal.

“Foreign-backed Iranian riots”

In response to questions about US sponsorship of the recent uprising in Iran, Mr. Kanani also said that Washington has always used “unconstructive and destructive” tactics against the Islamic Republic and the Iranian people.

He further argued that the US government’s “hostile” actions, particularly unilateral sanctions against Iran, “had immeasurable damage to the Iranian government and country.”

The “unjust” US sanctions, he continued, are a stark proof of “crimes against humanity.”

“Iran freezes South Korean assets”

The spokesman also said the release of Iranian assets in South Korea should not be linked to other diplomatic issues, arguing that Iran has the right to access its funds held in South Korea.

He expressed concern over the South Korean government’s inappropriate cooperation with frozen assets and said Tehran’s next steps depended on Seoul’s decision.

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