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There is now a new bank holiday in her honor, and St. Brigid is a hot topic in homes across the country this week.

St Brigid’s Day marks the beginning of spring and is a day to celebrate the patron saint of women and women in Irish society. In honor of Brigid herself and her day becoming her national holiday, there’s a lot to do over the long weekend.

Whether you want to get creative, immerse yourself in Irish mythology, or just sit back and relax with a good TV show, there are plenty to choose from across the country.

Bridget: Dublin City Celebrating Women

Dublin will host many celebrations and events as part of Brigit: Dublin City Celebrating Women, which will be in its second year from Wednesday 1st February to Monday 6th February.

A variety of activities are taking place across Dublin as part of Dublin City Council events celebrating the contributions and achievements of women past and present. The city-wide program aims to shed light on the story of Irish women.

Brigit: As part of the Dublin City Celebrating Women an Imbolc Fair, it will take place on Sunday, February 5th from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the Meeting House Square. Body painting workshops, clever women’s weaving circles, Imbolc Tarot readings, blacksmithing lessons and more.

Other events include Discover The City — Walking Tours, organized by Róisín Ingle, focusing on inspiring Irish women, and the new book Bad Bridget: Crime, Mayhem and the Lives with authors Elaine Farrell and Leanne McCormick. of Irish Emigrant”. Woman. ‘

Silhouettes of locals under the Herstory light display in Smithfield Square on St. Brigid’s Day 2022. Photo: Sasko Lazarov/

Hearthstory Light Show

On Tuesday, January 31st and Wednesday, February 1st, various landmarks and buildings will be illuminated with illustrations depicting St. Brigid and her legacy.

Harstory, the organizer of the light show, was campaigning to make St. Brigid’s Day a public holiday.

All events are free and open to the public. Locations include Kilkair Castle, St Brigid’s Cathedral at Kildare, Newbridge Town Hall, Great Barn, and Leighslip.

Music Festival at St. Brigid’s Cathedral

In Celebration of Brigid and the Women of Ireland, I Raise Sails — Lá Le Bríde 2023 is a music and entertainment show about the life of St. Brigid.

Hosts Síle Ní Bhraonáin and Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin guide you through Brigid’s music festival in a 75-minute show featuring musicians, singers, poets, mythologists and scholars.

The show was filmed in front of a live audience at St Brigid’s Cathedral in Kildare — where Brigid is said to have founded a church and monastery.

Musical guests include Siubhán O’Connor, Paddy Keenan, T with the Maggies and more.

  • I will raise my Sheol – Lá Le Bríde airs on Sunday, February 5th at 9:30pm on TG4.

EPIC event

The EPIC Museum of Irish Immigration hosts a variety of events celebrating St Brigid’s Day, including interactive story sessions for families.

Tiny Tots: Brigid’s Stories takes place on February 6th from 10am to 11am at the EPIC Irish Immigration Museum. Suitable for families with children under the age of 6. Interactive story sessions bring Ireland’s history to life through historical reenactment and imagination.

Crawford Art Gallery

To celebrate St Brigid’s Day, Cork City’s Crawford Art Gallery will have a number of activities and celebrations over the next few days, including: Music at noon, special tours of collections honoring themes of St. Brigid and Women, nature and mythology, art workshops, screening of Rita Duffy’s animated short “Anatomy of Hope”.

The event concludes with live traditional music, singing and dancing on Monday, February 6th from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

Limerick City celebrates

A series of events celebrating the women of Irish society will be held in the city of Limerick to mark the national holiday.

Organized by select members of Mná na nEalaín, the exhibition ‘Bantracht’ will be open to the public from Thursday 2nd February to Monday 6th February at Treaty City Brewery, 24 & 25 Nicholas Street, Limerick. It will feature the work of Lenny Bienting, Eva Byrne, Angelina Foster, Lara Grafferty, Carol Kennedy, Sybil Riordan, Emily Robards and Sinead Kaneen Williams.

Meanwhile, Aoife Cawley’s work will be on display at King John’s Castle and open to the public on Thursday, February 2nd. Visual His artist works in the fields of printmaking and textiles, and exhibits feature bold graphics and neon colors.

Nano Nagle Place

Nano Nagle Place in the heart of Cork city will host two family-friendly events to celebrate St Brigid’s Day. From 1:30pm to 2:30pm on February 1st, his cloak design collaboration with Celtic templates and lots of colors will begin.

Then, from 3-5pm, facilitator Ellie Donovan will show you how to make your own St. Brigid’s Cross that you can take home. Both events are free and open to all ages.

Siobhan McSweeney and Mary Condren-Forert in Looking for Brigid
Siobhan McSweeney and Mary Condren-Forert in Looking for Brigid

find bridged

Another option for those looking to stay over the Bank Holiday weekend, Delhi Girls star Siobhan McSweeney will screen a documentary at RTÉ. This documentary details Brigid’s life, breaks down the facts from lore, and reveals all about the saint.

  • Find Brigid on RTÉ One on Tuesday, January 31 at 10:15 PM

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