Evergreen’s Jameson Mott reaches 1000 point milestone

Seven-year-old Jameson Mott’s eyes lit up as she cut to the basket at the Wolf Wreck Center. Afterwards, she headed for a layup. 2 points! While her friends danced and celebrated, Jameson barely knew what to do. After all, this was the first basket of her life!

Since then she has made many baskets.

On Thursday, January 5, Jameson hit his 1,000th career point with the Evergreen High School Cougars. This rare milestone was achieved thanks to his stellar four seasons that started with his 284 points as his guard as a freshman shooter in the 2019-20 season. She followed that up with a sophomore campaign, tallying 209 points and being honored as a first-team All-Conference, and last year she scored an additional 334 points and 4A she was named Jeffco Women’s Basketball Player of the Year. selected as a player. Despite being one of the hardest defending players in the state this year, she has already scored 177 points and is all eyes on her opponents.

“All of these points are the result of a lifetime of training and practice,” said EHS coach Maddie Honecker. That’s it.”

Mott was asked how many times he had come to the EHS gym simply to shoot. Her dad, a school teacher, went to the weight room, and she and her older brother Jackson walked into the gym to shoot. and shoot. And shoot some more.

So who will win the horse match between her and her brother? “I will,” she said humbly. are you sure With a small smile on her face, she replied, Do you have a go-to shot in a game of HORSE when you have a chance to win? “Behind the baseline, on the backboard, call the swish.”

And that kind of dedication is how you score 1000 points in your career!

Her favorite part of this accomplishment is that she got to do this with the same teammate she started playing with in elementary school years ago. Mott, co-president of the EHS student body, said, “A perfect teammate, always checking up on her fellow players and their mental health and academics. She’s especially good at encouraging junior teammates.” .”

Reese has seen many points over the years by Mott. Playing together for 10+ years makes that happen.But it’s not just baskets Made What Reese remembers. She recounted her trip to Durango and her final match.their team is closely first In the waning moments of the game…the Evergreen team broke Press and threw the ball to Mott in the corner.Simply holding the ball would have sealed the game…but Mott thought they were behind, so she fired a desperate shot, which rattled off the rim. Her demoralized Mott was upset and she hadn’t tied it down…it turns out she was the only one who didn’t know they had won.

Reece said: The funny thing about that moment is that she’s the smartest basketball player among us…and the shot is that we’re either trying to increase our margin of victory or we’re trying to pad the stats with a buzzer It looked like that!” Reece points out, ironically. Because Mott really only cares about his team winning, not the stats.

Honecker said, “She didn’t even know she had reached 1,000 points, and she didn’t care. She just cared about the team.” Mott’s 1,000th , achieved in the same way as many other players. Around the small screen, Bella received a pass from her Reese and she delivered a perfectly arched shot. Net only…and cue celebratory. EHS called a timeout, the stands erupted, and an announcer announced the result to the crowd. Mott was completely oblivious to both the milestones she had achieved, or the impending celebrations the program had planned. I didn’t know. But her teammates did. They flocked to her when her student section unfurled a banner reading “1,000 points.”

Mott promises to play basketball at Gettysburg College next season.Both of her parents grew up in Gettysburg, her grandfather was a professor there, and she still has family in the area. .

But before becoming the Gettysburg Bullet, Mott has unfinished business with the Evergreen Cougars this winter. The Cougars (his 1-8 overall) faced tough opponents early in the season and lost many close matches. They continue to expect Mott and his senior leader to finish strong in his play in the conference. Next week, Evergreen will have an away contest with his Top Rank D’Evelyn on Wednesday, January 11th at 5:30pm and Bare on Saturday, January 14th at noon. We will have an away contest.

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