Fire Emblem Engage ally activities on Somniel make Garreg Mach look stale

Fire Emblem Engage We plan to launch on January 20th. And on Thursday, the trailer introduced a new hangout spot where you and your pals spend downtime between battles: Somniel, a lush floating fortress. A hero with a giant mane of , runs through Somniel’s lush layout and shows off fun activities. and of course fun pranks like classic bonding activities like sharing a meal or going fishing.

Somniel is jam-packed with places to prepare for battle. In the game square you can buy armor and other items. There is a ring room where you can store the rings you collect and create new ones. This is a new gameplay element that allows players to boost their stats. You can also fight in the Arena to gain experience, or fight a series of battles in the Tower of Trials.

Most importantly, Somniel has plenty of activities you can do with your allies. For example, sharing (possibly many) meals on the cafĂ© terrace to boost the stats of your allies. You can exercise together, read your fortunes, ride a Wyvern over the course, or go fishing (of course). There is a strange farm where you can take care of the animals you find on your adventures. The trailer shows a cat hanging out with a donkey, a beagle, and a camel. There is also a very cute creature named Sommy who is ‘here since time immemorial’ and gives good luck to those who are kind to him.

The trailer also showed off some fashionable customization options. You can buy clothes and accessories in different shades not only for yourself, but also for your allies. You can also take a nap and rest in the huge damp bedroom. But a cute ally might wake you up. Animal Crossing: New Horizons A villager that appears at your house.

Fire Emblem fans know how much of the series’ downtime between battles is spent chatting with allies and doing silly activities. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Players roamed the sacred halls of the Garreg Mach Monastery, used activity points to cook skewers of fish, and ate like 17 meals a day with students. You can do swordplay with Felix in the training grounds, take Dorothea (and her ridiculous little hat) to choir practice, or try to wake Lindhart from his nap.

flat fire emblem warriorsA recent addition to the franchise, Musou offered players downtime activities to do with their students, such as tea parties, horseback riding, and dusting.

can’t wait to see you Fire Emblem Engageand enjoy goofy excursions and activities with them, even if they all have to stand out on the battlefield.

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