Free and Cheap Family Activities this Half Term in Cardiff

A new study has revealed how British families are cutting back on family activities this winter as a result of the cost of living crisis.

Leading UK leisure operator Better surveyed over 500 UK families to understand the reduction in recreational activities over the next few months. last year. As a result, 66% are looking or plan to look for free and inexpensive activities to keep their families active and entertained while saving money.

Twenty-five percent say they are cutting memberships to gyms, sports clubs, or leisure centers, but other cuts are being made because of the cost of living. Skipping family trips, 31% say they avoid shopping for sale items.

The study also explored the alarming state of local leisure services and sports clubs that families rely on. 64% believe their local swimming pools, community sports and leisure centers need more government support.

The survey highlights the challenges faced by British families as costs rise. In response, Better has created the ultimate list of activities for kids and families under her £10. This list can help you keep costs low and activity levels high this winter. From 1-pound swim sessions, to junior gym and fitness classes, to trampolines, indoor climbing and racquet sports, the Better Leisure Center and Library offer a variety of inexpensive and free activities for families throughout the winter months.

Leanna Simpson, a working mother of two in Hampshire, cut personal expenses so her children could participate in weekly activities. “As a mother, you want to give your children everything they need,” she said. It costs £120 a week to feed my family freshly cooked meals.On top of that are the household expenses, keeping the car running and the kids club.It’s so expensive.”

Free and cheap family activities in Cardiff this half term

1) free library activities – Better libraries provide books to borrow and computers to use.

2) junior gym – Users can participate in dedicated sessions. In this session, young gym-goers visit the gym and are met by a member of staff to show them how to operate the equipment.

3) swimming – Children can attend a Better Swim session for £1.

Four) aqua splash – An inflatable obstacle course is placed in the pool for children to challenge and race.

Five) trampoline – Kids can release energy and beat the winter chill at the Better Trampoline and Play Park.

6) ice skate – Challenge your balance and coordination while staying fit with Better Ice Skating sessions.

7) soft play – A softer playground provides space for kids to explore multi-tiered climbing frames, colorful ball pits and elaborate mazes.

8) Indoor climbing/clip and climbing – Better climbing sessions and courses are guaranteed to be fun, exciting and adrenaline pumping.

9) table tennis – Many Better Centers offer table tennis sessions. This is a great way to stay focused and test your reflexes.

Ten) tennis – All Better Tennis classes are delivered by licensed and registered LTA coaches in accordance with the latest Lawn Tennis Association guidelines.

Joe Rham, Better’s commercial director, commented: Health and fitness should be available to everyone, but unfortunately, our research shows that many families are at risk of being left behind when it comes to staying active this winter. ”

“It is very important to Better that our facilities continue to be accessible to everyone and provide opportunities for physical and social activity. That is why we are making as many low-cost, free activities available to families as possible. I want people to know.”

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