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RIYADH: Modesty made headlines at Modesto Fashion Week in Riyadh, featuring national and international designers in a three-day event held at Al Faisaliah Hotel on December 17th.

The show’s theme, ‘Roots to the Future,’ gives fashion lovers and influencers around the world a taste of humility, with each brand combining 32 parades and exclusive shows to create its own cultural spin. presented.

Ozrem Shahin, CEO of Modesto Fashion Weeks, has high hopes for the Saudi capital’s future role in the industry.

he said:

“The time has come for humility, and it’s very easy to see all luxury brands targeting humility, but the responsibility to appreciate the true humility of beautiful designers around the world lies with I think we all have it.”

Abd Razak Abdul Wahab, Malaysia’s ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, attended the event on Thursday to express his support for his country’s brand Inner Sejuk.

And as the global fashion world becomes more focused on identity and sustainability, Modesto Fashion Week will serve as a cornerstone for appreciating clothing from around the world.

The show featured designers from Turkey, Morocco, the Czech Republic, Nigeria, Italy and the UK, and started with Saudi fashion brand The String Story.

Shalin says: It’s time to democratize fashion. “

Saudi brand Foulard also hit the catwalk on Thursday, showing evening wear in its first collection at the show.

Clothing was inspired by the neutral colors, patterns and architecture of the Umayyad dynasty.

Foulard founder Sara Rayess told Arab News:

“Showcasing and supporting these designers will undoubtedly provide an international standard one day.”

Palestinian label Sawsan Designs has taken the opportunity to present a striking collection that offers a platform for a contemporary twist on the region’s heritage and history.

Brand director Sawsan Mahmoud told Arab News: Ours is history, culture, values ​​and heritage. It’s beautiful to revive all of this in a modern way that new generations will embrace and like.

“They will be messengers of this without feeling like a burden.”

Using his engineering background to create innovative designs, Mahmoud hopes to play a role in preserving his country’s culture.

Maryam Khan, CEO of British fashion label Daska, told Arab News: this is here for them. “

Muslim designer Khan acknowledges the diverse scope of the word “modesty.”

It can mean covering a specific area of ​​the body or being completely covered. Daska’s collections push the boundaries of color, design and versatility while catering to plus size women.

Modesto Fashion Week started in Istanbul in 2015 and has since taken place in London, Dubai, Amsterdam, Jakarta and now Riyadh.

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