Fremont Friendship Center menu and activities for Jan. 2-6

Below are the Fremont Friendship Center menus and activities from January 2-6.

Lunch will be served in the center at 11:30 AM. Seniors should call 402-727-2815 before noon to book a meal for the next day.

Monday: Center is closed.

Tuesday: Cavatappi noodles, corn, Capri blended vegetables, 100% whole wheat bread, margarine or cranberry chicken salad, cinnamon raisin bread, marinated vegetables salad, mandarin orange, beef macaroni casserole with 1% or skim milk. Tai Chi, 9:15 am. Mahjong, 9:15 am. Bunco or King’s Corner, 10am. Bingo, 12:30 p.m.Craft Class or Pinochle, 1:30pm

Wednesday: Roasted pork chops, apple chutney, mashed potatoes, green peas, whole grain dinner rolls, margarine or roast beef chef salad, crackers, 100% fruit punch juice, sugar or diet cookies, 1% or skim milk. Shuffleboard, 9:30 am. Music with John Worsham, 10:30 am. Hands, knees and feet card, 12:30 pm.Sheephead, 12:30 PM

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Thursday: Potato Crunch Fish Fillet, Oven Baked Baby Red, Green Beans, Italian Roll, Margarine or 3 Meat Hoagie, Coleslaw, Fruit Cocktail, 1% or Skim Milk. Blood pressure check, 9:30-10:30 am. Cornhole, 9:45 am. Bingo, 10:30 am.Pitch Tournament and Pool Players, 12:30 PM

Friday: Mixed green salad with whole grain burger buns, shredded mozzarella, seasoned potato wedges, Italian blended vegetables or creamy cheese tortillas served with grape tomatoes and black olives, crackers, diced pears, 1% or skim milk Pizza Joe sandwich on top of Tai Chi, 9:15 am. Chair volleyball, 10am. Bingo, 10:30 am.Center closes at 12:30 PM

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