Gentler Streak update adds Live Activities support

Gentler Streak is one of the most popular exercise companion apps for iPhone and Apple Watch users. This week, the developers behind Gentler Streak released a major update to the app that allows users to track their Apple Watch workouts from their iPhone thanks to Live Activities.

Gentler Streak now works with live activities and dynamic islands

The first Gentler Streak update for 2023 adds some very welcome features to iPhone users running iOS 16, especially those with the iPhone 14 Pro. That’s because the app now supports live activities, and the implementation couldn’t be better.

For those unfamiliar, Live Activities is a feature available on all iPhone models running iOS 16 that displays useful app information on the lock screen. At the same time, apps that support Live Activities can display the same information in dynamic islands for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users.

This means Gentler Streak users can start their workouts on their Apple Watch and see more in real-time with Live Activities using the iPhone’s lock screen or dynamic islands on the iPhone 14 Pro. The app’s live activity has a great interface that displays useful information like heart rate and distance run.

But that’s not all. Live activity support was only possible due to another new feature announced by Gentler Streak in this update. This app now has a mirror tracking option. This essentially turns your iPhone screen into a “beautiful and informative tracker” for your Apple Watch workouts, giving you more control over your heart rate training zones.

The Gentler Streak iPhone app now reflects Apple Watch workout tracking. Very useful for all workouts where you can keep your iPhone in sight and monitor your workout progress. Photogenic features prominently display your heart rate training zones to help you prioritize your health, pace yourself and stay within your preferred zones.

app details

Gentler Streak has been named 2022 App of the Year for Apple Watch by Apple. The app has been available for iPhone since 2021 and was released for Apple Watch in February 2022. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Katarina Lotrič, said Apple is proud to recognize the work of “small independent teams.”

We see it as an extraordinary confirmation of our work, our vision, our relevance in time and place, and we are very proud that our message and philosophy are now spreading around the world. There are still many things we want to do and achieve, and we look forward to all of them. It is no exaggeration to say that we are just getting started.

Gentler Streak is available for free on the App Store. However, some features require a lifetime license that can be purchased via subscription or in-app purchase. And if you want to know more about the app, be sure to read on. 9to5 Max’s Interview with Gentler Streak founder Katarina Lotrič.

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