Georgia holds “significant place” in counter-terrorist activities

A permanent inter-ministerial committee made up of various public bodies and chaired by the National Security Agency held its sixth meeting on Friday, at which international estimates indicated that Georgia was playing a “critical role” in its counter-terrorism efforts. emphasized that it occupies one of the

The meeting was opened by Grigor Lilashvili Service Director who assessed the global and domestic counter-terrorism situation. He highlighted the work that Georgia has done in this direction and the successful cooperation with international partners.

Liluashvili assessed the implementation process of the National Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Action Plan “positively”, stating that most of the goals set by the Strategy and Action Plan will be achieved during 2022, with positive impacts on the national security environment. said it is giving

Our work in counter-terrorism has been highlighted in many international publications.In a report issued annually by the U.S. Department of State, Japan [Georgia] It occupies an important position as a stable and loyal partner in counter-terrorism,” added Liluashvili.

The head of the service emphasized that as a result of the activities carried out, there were no “terrorist incidents” during the year and that no terrorist group had a chance to operate, and that 2022 will be a “year of peace”. emphasized that it is

Giorgi Sabedashvili, President of the SSS, presented the report presentation of the Strategy 2022, which was prepared with the active involvement of the member institutions of the Commission, on the activities carried out, the results achieved, and the existing challenges of the meeting. explained to the participants.

The first year of implementation of the new strategy was assessed positively by the European Commission, noting that the next year would be more “lively and productive with many important activities”.

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