Get Closer To The Sky This New Year With These Astro Tourism Activities By Starscapes

I’m sure you’ve all heard of astro-tourism. For those who don’t, let me explain. Astrotourism is a travel trend that combines a traveler’s love of discovering new and remote places with an interest in astronomy and the night sky. Well, if you too are a lover of the night sky and all that happens in the sky, Starscapes has something for you.

Astrotourism activities by Starscapes

Starscapes, India’s leading astro-tourism company, offers a range of activities for the New Year. Activities include stargazing, sungazing, and star parties. Children can also participate in interactive activities such as learning how to use a spectrometer, building a sundial, and making a pinhole camera. Groups of friends and families can enjoy everything from stargazing safaris to astrophotography.

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1. Stargazing at Coorg, Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa

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Witness the magic of the universe as Starscapes star guides take you on guided sessions as part of your astrotourism activity. Solar observation allows you to witness the brilliance of the sun. If you are lucky, you may also see sunspots and solar flares. Kids can indulge in a fun rocket-building session at the observatory.

2. in the starry sky St. Regis Hotels in Goa

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Take a mesmerizing journey through the night skies with an evening 45-minute astronomical show. During the day, don’t miss watching the sun. Also, expect to see solar flares as well. The sun show also contains fascinating information about the sun.

3. in the starry sky Club Mahindra, Madikeri

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Gain a deeper understanding of the night sky with this 45-minute night show. During the daytime Sun Show, you can learn about different aspects of the sun’s surface. You can also learn how to build and launch your own rocket with our Astro Tourism activity. I teach using materials I have at home. By learning how to build a camera, you will also understand the basic principles of a camera.

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