Ghost of Tsushima 2 Has a High Bar Set for Open-World Activities

Ghost of Tsushima contains multiple great activities in an open-world setting, making it hard to top a potential sequel.

Ghost of Tsushima It doesn’t seem like much of a franchise possibility in terms of how intimate its story is. The Mongol occupation of Tsushima is just the backdrop for the main conflict, the moral conflict between Hitoshi Sakai and Lord Shimura. Ghost of Tsushima‘s canon ending clearly sees Jin spare Lord Shimura and further his role as Ghost, suggesting that their relationship could be challenged again in the sequel. No such sequel has been confirmed, but it’s still interesting to consider what else could be iterated on. Ghost of Tsushima.

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For example, it would be nice to see Ghost of Tsushima‘s choice-based quests and generally rigid quest structure will be more open and unrestrictive. The game offers a wealth of exploration on the beautifully illustrated island of Tsushima. Ghost of Tsushima prosper. While there’s a wealth of side-quest narratives that players can immerse themselves in to learn more about his NPCs and earn additional rewards, where the game’s open world really shines is in the seemingly ancillary activities. is in These rampant activities are so compelling that it would be difficult for a sequel to surpass them.

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Ghost of Tsushima’s open world is full of fun activities

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Ghost of Tsushima‘s open-world side activities include bamboo shooting, fox’s dens, shrines, haiku, and hot springs. A bamboo strike increases maximum resolution, and a fox guides the player to the Inari Shrine. There are additional charm slots and upgradeable charms, with shrines offering new charms, haiku offering cosmetic headbands, and hot springs increasing maximum health.

Some of these activities are far more complex than others, such as shrines that allow for platform-wide sequences along mountaintops, and bamboo strikes, where players participate in QTE challenges. Chasing a fox is fun, if for no other reason than to pet it later. This is often a better reward than charm slots or upgradeable charms themselves.

Additionally, all of these activities are embedded in an open world, and players will come across them all the time as they travel to other destinations. This allows players to step away from their main goal and reap the rewards for a little effort. Also, the fact that it’s fun and satisfying for all players is the best cherry.

They are all different from each other, making it easy for the player to move in succession if desired. Participating in these activities early on will also help players who want to increase their buffs easily. This is because players can get a head start with maximum health and can resolve this way before deciding to raid. Ghost of TsushimaMongolian encampment.

The sequel to Ghost of Tsushima has that work cut

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Showing a commitment to ambition, it’s always appreciated when new IP is thrown down the kitchen sink.However, due to the large number of activities Ghost of Tsushima There are already, but future sequels will need to be pretty creative to come up with others that are equally compelling.

Assuming it’s still in Tsushima, as the game’s name suggests, before the subtitle was introduced, it could eventually come down to where the game takes place. If the worlds are very different and the game is more or less discovery driven Ghost of Tsushimawhich affects the number of possible activities.

If certain features or mechanics are improved or changed, activities that reward players will also need some adjustment. In any case, Ghost of Tsushima‘s sequel already sets a high bar when it comes to open-world exploration, and it will be exciting to see if the sequel dares to match or surpass it.

Ghost of Tsushima Available for PS4 and PS5.

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