Going above and beyond the usual school activities

A group of students at the Breslau Public Schools have committed themselves to taking a more active role in the school.

So far this year, 7th and 8th grade students forming leadership groups have taken the lead at several events. And mitt drives, movie nights, art nights.

“I wanted to do it because when I was younger, the kids in grades 7 and 8 helped me with something.

“You’ve always looked up to older kids, so I want to be one of their role models,” added Tavia Cowburn about offering activities to younger students.

Food drives required a team effort from everyone involved.

“We had a team of at least 10 people, and we were going from class to class every day for two weeks, collecting food donations from students and teachers,” explains Luke Manson.

The Leadership Group meets every Thursday during the second break to spearhead daily activities throughout the year, including presentations, support for junior teachers at lunch, and refereeing and scoring junior intramural sports.

We also run a nutrition learning program that keeps two carts stocked with groceries each day. This requires students to sacrifice break time and lunch time.

“If you’re hungry and need something, you can always get what you want. And it’s not nasty for anyone, so anyone can grab anything,” Cowburn explains. bottom.

Teacher Chris Wade says being part of a leadership group takes time, but students are committed to making it a success.

“Everyone consistently shows up and helps. There are a lot of helpers so there are enough people, but it’s a lot of work. There are so many people and it takes a lot of time to do an event. There are people, because there’s always something going on and something going on,” Wade said.

“They have to come early in the morning for the announcement. Our movie night was for our community to get them back to school. And we stay home after school.” We had to have dinner, we sold snacks, we had movie nights, but it takes hours of the extra time people are giving us. But planning also requires time outside of school,” added Wade.

That commitment helped the group meet the challenges it faced along the way, said student Brynley Cartier.

“Planning an event can be difficult. When doing an outdoor event, the weather can create problems. You have to get all the pieces together and you need everyone’s help. We feel that way this year. was a very strong team in leadership, so we were pretty successful this year with everyone helping out,” she said.

“They don’t have to do it. But they choose,” added Manson.

Future items planned by the leadership team include carnival events, partnerships with Marillac Place shelters, spring food drives, and 8th grade celebrations.

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